Yamuna Expressway Industrial Authority plots on yamuna expressway

Yamuna Expressway Industrial Authority plots on yamuna expressway

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Yamuna Expressway Industrial Authority plots on yamuna
Yamuna Expressway Industrial Authority plots on yamuna

Golden Investment Opportunity

Yamuna Expressway Industrial Authority

Buy Sell Yamuna Expressway Authority Plots YEIDA 
Buy Sell Yamuna Expressway Authority Plots YEIDA
launches Industrial plots bang on yamuna express way Adjoing Jewar International Airport

Sector 29 and Sector 32 Yamuna Express way


Date of Opening 10.02.20
Date of Closing 31.06.20
Date of Draw 24.09.20

Size 450sqm, 595sqm, 1000sqm, 1800sqm, 4000sqm, 5000sqm, 5 acre and above

Minimum Road size 24m , 30m wide road

Allotment rate @ Rs 6670/- Per sqmeter

Booking amount 10% , 20% on Registration and Possession

Balance 70% in Installments in 5 years.

  • 450sqm @ 30lac approx
  • 595sqm @40lac approx
  • 1000sqm @68lac approx
  • 1800sqm @ 1.20cr approxCompanies near by
  • VIVO 100acre land
  • NIIT


1000 cr propety sold in YEW


This is NCR best Investment ,affordable , Value for money suitable for investors , Rental income , Startup, Garment
Manufacturing, Warehousing etc
For comparison you can compare the biggest edge to Gurgaon market is airport.

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Yamuna Expressway Industrial Authority plots on yamuna
Yamuna Expressway Industrial Authority plots on yamuna

(Upto 4000 SQ. MTRS & ABOVE 4000 SQM.)





Scheme Publishing Date in News Paper : 26.01.2020 Date of Opening : 10.02.2020 Date of Closing : 31.03.2020 Last date of Hard Copy Submission : 10.04.2020 Date of draw Upto 4000 sq. mtr. : 24.06.2020

yamuna docs required
Allotment Above 4000 sq. mtr. ………. Through allotment Committee from the month of July 2020.


Eligible entities

a) Individual (Only upto 4000 sq. mtr. is allowed)

b) Proprietorship Firm

c) Registered Partnership Firm

d) Limited Liability Partnership Firm

e) Registered Trust

f) Registered Society

g) Private Limited Company

h) Public Limited Company

i) Public Sector Undertaking

j) Govt./ Semi Govt. undertaking/ Department

Yamuna Expressway Industrial Development Authority

Who is eligible to apply ?

A.APPAREL PARK:– the units which are engaged in Manufacturing & making the Textiles, Garments, Apparels, as defined by (Ministry of Textile) Govt. of India and U.P. Govt. in Textile Policy-2017 may be eligible in this category. The applicant, Firm, Company, Trust, Society must be registered under GST. 80% plots will be reserved for those Industries which are defined by Ministry of Textile Govt. of India and Textile Policy-2017 of U.P. Govt. Startup unit in this category may be allotted 20% of the total number of the plots.

B. MSME PARK:- Micro, small and Medium enterprises units may apply with project report for allotment of plots in this park MSMEs are defined in MSME Act 2006 by Govt. of India. The applicant, Firm, Company, Trust, Society must be registered under GST. 80% plots will be reserved for those Industries which are approved by DC MSME Govt. of India. 20% plots will be reserved for Startup units in this category.

C. HANDICRAFT-ODOP-UP PARK:- Handicraft units may apply for allotment in this park only. Handicrafts units are those units which are undertaking the activities as defined by DC (Handicrafts), Govt. of India.

The units which are covered in HANDICRAFT & ODOPUP, PARK & STARTUP of U.P. may also eligible to apply within this category. The applicant, Firm, Company, Trust, Society must be registered under GST. 80% plots will be reserved for those Handicrafts which are approved by DC (Handicrafts), Govt. of India, and ODOP scheme of Govt. of U.P. 20% plots will be reserved for Startup units in this category.

D. Industries applying under start up category:-
Applications for start up firms shall be considered separately. The other eligibility conditions for such firms shall be under the guidelines issued for Start-up firms from the Government time to time. Applicants under this category shall furnish a certificate regarding their consideration under startup based on their industry manufacturing norms.

Provided that any such entity formed by splitting up or reconstruction of a business already in existence shall not be considered a ‘Startup’.


Indicative List of MSME

S.No. Name of the Project

1. Agarbatti and Similar Products 2. Agriculture appliances and implements 3. Agro and food processing industry 4. Air conditioner(s) & its parts 5. Aluminium doors/windows/fittings/furniture 6. Aluminium-wares, moulds of cakes and pastry 7. Assembly and repair of cycles 8. Assembly and repairs of electrical gadgets/goods 9. Assembly and repair of sewing machines 10. Atta chakki and spices and dal grinding 11. Attache, Suitcases Brief cases & bags 12. Auto Parts (Plastic and Metals) 13. Auto Mobile service/repair Workshop only on plot area of 400 sq. mtr. & above 14. Batik works 15. Battery charging and Battery Manufacturing/Assembling 16. Belts and buckles 17. Biscuit, pappy, cakes, & cookies making 18. Block making and photo enlarging 19 Brass fitting 20. Bread & Bakeries 21. Brushes & Brooms 22. Buckets 23. Builder hardware 24. Bulbs (battery) 25. Buttons clips & hooks 26. Button making, fixing of buttons & hooks 27. Calico and Textile products 28. Candies, Sweets, Rasmalai etc. 29. Candles 30. Cane and Bamboo products 31. Canvas Bags & Hold-all makings 32. Cardboard Boxes 33. Carpentry 34. Terrazzo tiles, paving, jallies of Cement 35. Assembly of Centrifugal pumps & small turbines 36. Citrus fruit concentrate 37. Clay modeling 38. Cold storage & refrigeration 39 Collapsible gates railing & grill 40. Conduit pipes 41. Confectionery candies and sweet 42. Copper and brass Art wares
43. Copper Metal parts 44. Copper-ware and utensils 45. Cordage, rope and twine making 46. Cotton and silkscreen printing 47. Cotton ginning 48. Cotton/silk Printing (By Hand) 49. Crayons 50. Cutlery 51. Cycle chain 52. Cycle locks 53. Dal milling 54. Data Processing Centers 55. Decorative goods 56. Dehydrated vegetables 57. Diamond cutting and polishing work 58. Dies for plastic moldings 59. Door shutters and windows 60. Pharma products (Permissible under Drugs and Cosmetics Act) 61. Dyeing, bleaching, finishing processing cloth (including mercerizing, calendaring, glazing etc. only in garments clusters) 62. Elastic products. 63. Electric fans 64. Electric fittings (switch, plug, pin etc.) 65. Electric lamp shades, fixtures 66. Electric Motor and parts 67. Electric Press assembling 68. Electric appliances (room heaters, lamps etc.) and other electrical goods 69. Electrical motors, transformers and generators 70. Electronic goods and ESDM 71. Embroidery 72. Enamel ware 73. Engineering works 74. Expanded metals 75. Fabrication (like trusses and frames) 76. Fire fighting equipments 77. Flour mills 78. Fluorescent lights & fittings (including neon signs) 79. Fountain pen, Ball pen and felt pens 80. Footwear 81. Framing of pictures and mirrors 82. Fruit canning 83. Glass work (assembly type) 84. Gold and Silver Thread Kalabattu 85. Grading, waxing and polishing of fruits 86. Only Blending/Repacking of Grease & Oils 87. Healthcare equipments and products (Permissible under Drugs and Cosmetics Act) 88. Helmets 89. Hats, caps turbans including embroideries 90. Hinges and Hardware 91. House hold/kitchen appliances 92. Hydraulic Press 93. Ice boxes and body of the coolers
94. Labels/ Stickers 95. Ice-Cream 96. Industrial fasteners 97. Ink making for fountain pens 98. Interlocking & buttoning 99. Ivory Carving 100. Jewellery items 101. Juicer (only assembly) 102. Jute products 103. Key rings 104. Khadi and Handlooms Products 105. Knife making 106. Laboratory porcelain, dental porcelain work 107. Kulfi and confectionery 108. Lace work and like 109. Lamps and burners 110. Lantern. Torches and flash lights 111. Lathe machines 112. Laundry & dry-cleaning 113. Leather and raxine made ups. 114. Leather footwear 115. Leather Upholstery and other leather goods 116. Locks 117. Manufacturing of trunks and metal Boxes 118. Marble stone items 119. Metal containers 120. Metal letter cutting 121. Metal polishing 122. Milk creams separators and mixers 123. Milk testing equipments 124. Milling of pulses 125. Miscellaneous machines parts 126. Motor winding works 127. Musical instruments (including repairs) 128. Name plate making 129. Nuts/Bolts/Pulleys/Chains and gears Oil Stoves, Pressure Lamps and Accessories 130. Optical instruments 131. Ornamental leather goods like purses, handbags 132. P.V.C. Compound 133. P.V.C. Products 134. Padlock and pressed locks 135. Formulation only of paints & Thinners 136. Pan Masala 137. Paper products 138. Paper cutting machine 139. Paper making machine 140. Paper stationery items and book binding 141. Totally mechanized and automatic unit for pasteurized milk and its products 142. Perfumery and cosmetics 143. Photo Type Setting 144. Photographs, Printing (including signboard painting) 145. Photostat and cyclostyling 146. Pickles, Chutneys and Murabba
147. Pith hat, garlands of flowers and pith 148. Plastic products 149. Polish work 150. Polishing of plastic parts 151. Polythene bags 152. Precision instruments of all kinds 153. Preparation of Vadi & Papad etc. 154. Pressure cookers 155. Printing, book binding embossing and photographs etc. 156. Processed fruit and vegetables products 157. Processing of condiments, spices, groundnuts and dal etc. 158. Rakhee making 159. Rail coupling parts 160. Readymade Garments 161. Repairs of small domestic appliances and gadgets (like room heater, room coolers, hot plates, lamps etc.) 162. Repair of watches and clocks 163. Rings and eyelets 164. Rolling shutters 165. Rubber products from mixed compound 166. Rubber stamps 167. Safety pins 168. Sanitary goods machining & fittings 169. Saree fall making 170. Scissors making 171. Screen printing 172. Screw & nails 173. Hardware & Peripherals of Computer 174. Sheet metal works 175. Shoe kmaking and repairing 176. Shoe laces 177. Silver foil making 178. Small electronic components 179. Small Machine & Machine tools 180. Spectacles optical frames 181. Spice grinding 182. Speedometers 183. Sports goods 184. Sprayers (hand and foot) 185. Stamp pads 186. Stapler pins 187. Stationery items (including educational and school drawing instruments) 188. Steel Almirahs 189. Steel Furniture’s 190. Steel Lockers 191. Steel wire drawings 192. Steel wire products 193. Stone engraving 194. Stove pipe, safety pins and aluminum buttons (by hand press) 195. Structural steel fabrications 196. Surgical bandage rolling and cutting 197. Surgical goods 198. Surgical instruments and equipments
199. T.V. Radio cassette, recorders etc. 200. T.V./ Radio/transistor cabinets and Assembling 201. Table lamps and shades 202. Tailoring 203. Tomato ketchup & vegetable sauce 204. Containers lids 205. Tarpaulin & Tents including repairs (no processing & weaving) 206. Telephone and its parts 207. Thermometers 208. Thread balls and cotton fillings 209. Tin box making 210. Tractor parts 211. Transformer covers 212. Typewriter parts manufacturing and assembling 213. Tyre retreading with cold process only 214. Umbrella assembly 215. Upholstery springs and other springs (no heat treatment) 216. Utensils 217. Assembly of vacuum flasks 218. Velvet embroidered shoes/shawls 219. Veneer of plywood 220. Vermicelli and macaroni 221. Vinegar and juice 222. Watches and clocks parts 223. Water meters 224. Water meters repairing 225. Water Tanks 226. Wax polishing 227. Weaning food 228. Welding works 229. Wire drawing coating and electric cable 230. Wire knitting 231. Wire netting 232. Wood carving and decorative wood wares 233. Wooden/cardboard jewellery boxes 234. Wool balling and lachee making 235. Wool knitting (with machine) 236. Writing and marking ink 237. X-ray machines 238. Zari Zardozi 239. Telecommunication equipment’s 240. Textile


Indicative List for Apparel Park

S.No. Name of the Project

1. Sericulture (including chaaki and koya production) 2. Reeling 3. Handloom 4. Spinning 5. Weaving 6. Knitting 7. Texturising 8. Dyeing 9. Garment/Textile Processing 10. Garmenting (i.e. garment manufacturing, embroidery, embroidered fabrics, madeups, home textiles, fashion accessories, leather garments and accessories), and all types of technical textiles and jute products.

4.7.3 Indicative List for HANDICRAFT S.No. Name of the Project
1. Bamboo & Cane Craft 2. Carpets/Durries 3. Chikankari 4. Embroidered goods & Shawls 5. Hand printed textiles 6. Imitation jewellery 7. Jamdani Weave 8. Jute products 9. Jaliwork 10. Pottery 11. Leather Products 12. Marble work 13. Miniature Painting 14. Maslond 15. Metal ware 16. Paintings & Earthenware 17. Rumals & Coverlets 18. Silk Weaving 19. Shawles & Pattus 20. Terracotta Artware 21. Tie & Die 22. Wood ware 23. Zari goods 24. Jute products

4.7.4 Indicative List for ODOP

S.No. Name of the Project Name of District
1. Zari Zardozi Bareilly, Badaun, Shahjahanpur, Kasganj. 2. Chikankari Lucknow 3. Silk embroidery/Saree Varanasi 4. Wall Hangings Ghazipur 5. Terracota Gorakhpur 6. Black Pottery/Bluepottery Azamgarh, Bulandshahr 7. Carpets & Durries Mirzapur, Bhadohi, Sonbhadra, Jaunpur, Sitapur 8. Wooden Crafts Saharanpur, Raibareilly, Bijnor, Chitrakoot 9. Metal/brass ware Moradabad, Etah, Sant kabir Nagar 10. Musical instuments Amroha, Pilibhit 11. Wheat Stalk Crafts Baharaich 12. Banana fiber products Kushi Nagar 13. Stone ware Mahoba, Banda

(As per ODOP-UP approved list)

Note: –
In addition of above if authority receives any new and unique type non-polluting proposals may consider for allotment in concerned category


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