WTC Noida Phase 3- BSP@5500PSF


After grand success of WTC Noida – PHASE I & PHASE II. Now, we are launching WTC Noida – PHASE III

– PHASE I has been delivered on time & same is leased out to VIVO from day one. 100% occupancy.

– PHASEII is under construction


WTC  Noida plans to construct commercial establishment thereby inviting many fortune 500 companies to operate their offices from this landmark space.

The project is visualized and designed according to the modern requirements. Each office space will be different from each other.

Viridian Developers plans to make it a happening location by including amenities like membership clubs, sports track, swimming pools, state of the art Gymnasium and 24 hour power backup.

The commercial establishment offers from 1000 sq. ft. to 18000sq.ft / 36000 sq. ft. with contiguous floor plates and independent blocks ranging from 1.4 lakh sq. ft. to 2.8 lakh sq. ft. The developer plans to make flexible office spaces which are going to be developed into phases with multiple modular IT blocks.The complex plans to offer scalable office spaces with varying sizes starting from 500 sq. ft. to 1000 sq. ft.  The set-up also includes compact setup for consultants and self-employed professional, so that they can operate from their office without any interference.  The social infrastructure also plans to include Sports city, F1 racing track and 2500 crore of residential units. WTC   Noida will be ready for possession by 2018.

Viridian Red is a reputed name in the field of construction. Their mainstream Green Philosophy is worth mentioning.  WTC Noida is a designed on the lines of Mainstream Green Office Complex; hence it consumes up to 30% lesser energy by constructing energy efficient buildings, which in turn benefits the owners, resulting in conserving environment.

The location plays an important part in any new venture. WTC, which is planned on Yamuna Expressway, is considered a prime location because of its proximity to the capital city Delhi and Yamuna expressway. Noida has around 40 engineering and management institutes, which can provide abundance of educated and skilled mam power.

Development of WTC   Noida will put Noida on the world map and will benefit so many people by creating new jobs and employments. Majority of Fortune 500 companies like Merrill Lynch, Adobe or PWC, when starting their business in any new country prefer to have their address in World Trade Center.

Investors recommend investing in World Trade Center as it gives them sense of security, higher returns and Capital appreciation. It is a safe investment on all accounts as it gives 12% return on investment till the date of possession.

Noida is the preferred location as Noida is the 3rd largest IT hub and home to 50 IT offices and BPO companies, making it to 10% of the India’s exports after Bangalore and Gurgaon.  WTC, being a brand in itself attracthigh rents, better value for money, faster sales, longer leases and higher occupancy, thereby attracting more business. This dream venture will pave way for many business establishments and offices.

Higher land values of   Noida combined with greater Noida and Yamuna Expressway will fetch higher returns and make a profitable proposition by bringing new business ventures in the country. The upcoming metro connectivity and proposed airport will put Noida on the global platform.



Viridian Red has about 20 million sq. ft. of developed and upcoming land all over the country. With WTC  , Viridian Red is at the top of the charts. Viridian has so far a part of WTC Chandigarh, WTC Gift city Gujarat, WTC Faridabad alongside Riverside Residences, Group housing Faridabad.



ParameterWTC One
Office SpacesBSP @ Rs 5750 psf Less Rs 250psf=Rs 5500
SizeMultiples of 500 sq ft & 1000 sq ft
 Type Lockable & Non lockable
Booking amount2 lacs in favour of WTC Noida
Balance paymentAs per payment plan
ProductPossession Plus 3 years
Returns10% or 11  % or 12 %till possession
Rental Monthly Rental for 3 years post possession

Service Tax @4.5%123750
Net Amount2873750

12% Assured Returns Plan
Booking Amount200000
1st Installment (10%)87375In 30 days from DOB
2nd Installment (85%)2442688In 60 days from DOB
At Possession (5%)143688

11% Assured Returns Plan
Booking Amount200000
1st Installment (10%)87375In 30 days from DOB
2nd Installment (40%)1149500In 60 days from DOB
3rd Installment (25%)718438In One Year from DOB
4th Installment (20%)574750In Two Years from DOB
At Possession (5%)143688

10% Assured Returns Plan
Booking Amount200000
1st Installment (10%)87375In 30 days from DOB
2nd Installment (10%)287375In 60 days from DOB
3rd Installment (12.5%)359219In 6 months from DOB
4th Installment (12.5%)359219In 12 months from DOB
5th Installment (12.5%)359219In 18 months fom DOB
6th Installment (12.5%)359219In 24 months from DOB
7th Installment (12.5%)359219In 30 months from DOB
8th Installment (12.5%)359219In 36 months from DOB
At Possession (5%)143688

Bank Name                        :               HDFC Bank Ltd.

Current A/c no.                :               04807630000623

Beneficiary Name           :               WTC Noida Development Company Pvt. Ltd.

IFSC Code                           :               HDFC0000480

Bank Address                    :               Plot no. 9 H & J Block, Local Shopping Centre, SaritaVihar                                                                                       New Delhi-110076

SWIFT Code                      :               HDFCINBBDEL

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