WTC Gujarat Floor Plans

WTC Gujarat Floor Plans

Floor Plan of WTC – Tower B, which is now open for allotment.

Tower B is Ground+27, wherein:

Ground Floor is for retail use; and 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 27th floor is for Business Centre
24th, 25th and 26th floor are not open for allotment.

Types of PLCs
• Green Facing – INR 150/sq.ft.
• Corner Units – INR 250/sq.ft.
• Executive Suites – INR 400/sq.ft.

Non-lockable/Virtual Units:
Available on 5th – 17th Floor

Lockable Units:
Available on 4th Floor, and 18th – 23rd floor, (on 18th floor – entire non PLC area) and 22nd Floor (on 22nd floor – entire Green Facing area)

Executive Suites:

Type of units: Lockable

Preference/Availability on 4th and 23rd Floor.

Eligible clients: Holding area of 3000 sq.ft,.

Executive suites are 2 lockable units of 3190 sq.ft each located on each floor. These units are built such that each of the two units is equipped with dedicated lift lobby, and both the units are 3 side open.

In case if the size booked by a client is more than 3000 sq.ft, we can give them the option of bifurcation, whereby, he can get one executive suite and the rest area can be allocated on the same floor elsewhere.

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