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  1. Warehouse: A warehouse is a large commercial building used to store goods and products. Warehouses are used by businesses to store raw materials, finished products, and other goods in a safe and secure environment. They may be owned or leased by businesses and can vary in size from small storage units to large industrial complexes. Warehouses typically have loading docks, large doors for trucks to enter, and shelving or racks to store products.
  2. Cold Storage: Cold storage is a type of warehouse that is specifically designed to store perishable goods at a low temperature. These goods may include food products such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meats, as well as pharmaceuticals and other products that require temperature-controlled storage. Cold storage facilities are equipped with refrigeration systems to maintain a constant temperature and prevent spoilage or damage to the products.
  3. Smart Warehouse: A smart warehouse is a technologically advanced warehouse that incorporates automation, robotics, and other advanced technologies to streamline operations and increase efficiency. Smart warehouses use sensors, RFID tags, and other technologies to track inventory, monitor conditions, and optimize operations. They may also use robots and automated systems to handle tasks such as picking and packing orders, loading and unloading goods, and moving products around the warehouse.
  4. BTS Land: BTS (Build-to-Suit) land is a type of commercial real estate development where a property is built to the specifications of a specific tenant. BTS land is often used for warehouses, distribution centers, and other industrial properties. The developer will work with the tenant to design and construct a building that meets their specific needs, including size, layout, and features such as loading docks, high ceilings, and specialized storage areas. Once the building is completed, the tenant will lease the property for a specified period of time.

Warehouse for rent in NOIDA Greater Noida

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Warehouse for rent in Ecotech III, Greater Noida

Leasing activity  showed an increase of 28% in the first quarter of this fiscal year as compared to its previous quarter. Sectors driving corporate leasing activity during the quarter continued to be IT/ITeS, BFSI and Engineering & Manufacturing. Similar to earlier quarters, leasing activity was driven by small and medium-sized transactions of less than 50,000 sq ft, which accounted for almost 90% of all deals recorded in the second quarter.

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warehouse in greater noida,warehouse in ghaziabad,Cold Storage for rent, Warehouse Space, Warehouse in new delhi,

GST to restructure Indian warehousing
• Theoretically, post the GST implementation, if any manufacturer
has uniform sales distribution/consumer market across the country
and wants to have a single distribution centre (DC) to cater the
entire country, the DC would be typically located near the country’s
geometrical centre of gravity (CG) (i.e., equidistant from all parts of
the country).

• However, the consumer demand and market size of each product
type are very different and complex. The larger the market size, the
greater is the pull force of the CG toward it.

Warehouse for lease, Warehouse for rent
Warehouse for lease, Warehouse for rent

• Consumer demand typically is skewed more toward the northern,
western and southern regions of the country, thus pulling the CG
toward it and thereby shifting from the geometric centre to demand
attraction locations .

• With the onset of GST, once the physical state boundaries lose their
significance from the taxation point of view, supply chain dynamics
would rule supreme for warehouse location selection.

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industry 2.0
industry 2.0

22 acre warehouse for rent in Greater Noida

2 Lac sq ft built up area call+919958959555 at very prime location with RCC Structure Ready and is very suitable for Korean Japanese and Chinese MNC companies


1,25,000 sq ft built up area for Lease rent in Greater noida

Location is Sector Echotech-II

Plot area 2.5 acre  10,000 square meter with Built up Area 1,25,000 sqft RCC structure Suitable for IT ITES Industrial use for India , Japanese, Korean,Chinese, MNC Companies Rate 20/ sqft ware house