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Urbana Business Park is a part of a grand 20-acre master development, “Urbana”, that transcends all expectations. It’s a modern commercial hub that elevates the concept of an integrated business approach to unprecedented heights. The park encompasses a hotel, retail spaces, entertainment zones, and offices, creating a vibrant mix of work and leisure.

Located in the thriving Sector-67 of Gurgaon, Urbana Business Park is more than just a business park. It’s a comprehensive ecosystem designed to foster innovation, collaboration, and growth. The park offers state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class amenities, and a dynamic environment that businesses need to thrive in today’s fast-paced world.

From multinational corporations to startups, Urbana Business Park provides the perfect setting for businesses of all sizes. With its strategic location, excellent connectivity, and a host of facilities, it’s the ideal place for businesses looking to establish a strong presence in Gurgaon.

Whether you’re looking to expand your business, launch a new venture, or simply find a better work environment, Urbana Business Park offers a world of opportunities. Come, be a part of this vibrant business community and take your business to new heights. Welcome to Urbana Business Park – where business meets excellence.


“Urbana Business Park ” is part of a 20 acre master development “Urbana” that is greater than all imagination, it’s a new-age commercial hub that takes the concept of integrated business approach to greater heights and include hotel, retail, entertainment and offices. Located in Sector -67, Gurgaon

Urbana Business Park has a built up area of about 6.5 lac sq. ft. Master-planned & designed by Singapore based Architectural firm RSP Singapore.Architects, the development would offer Premium office spaces. 


  • Sector – 67, Gurgaon
  • Short drive from Sohna Road and Golf Course Extension Road.
  • Easy access to the expressway
  • Part of a large mixed use project with a hotel, retail, entertainment and offices.
  • Available residential option in neighbourhood for employees of tenants.
  • Proximity to Metro Corridor
  • Excellent Location to ensure strong demand from corporate clients

The Investment RationaleOwnership of World Class Real Estate Asset

  • Regular income… which can increase over the years through lease arrangements
  • High potential for capital appreciation due to increase in value of Real Estate asset, due to excellent location
  • Projected long term gain would be above 24% per annum as a combination of capital appreciation and annual return

Excellent Investment opportunity at Golf Course Extn. Road,Sec. 67 Gurgaon

An excellent investment opportunity that combines

  1. Ownership of World Class Real Estate Asset at a prime location
  2. Assured regular income- that would increase over the years
  3. Capital appreciation

Salient features of this opportunity are :

  • World class A- Grade Office Complex
  1. Premium location- Golf Course Extension Road
  2. To be designed by reputed Singapore based Architectural Firm RSP
  3. Approximately 6.5 lac sq.ft. built-up area on a site of 5 Acres
  4. G + 19 Floors- with Floor plates ranging from 20000 – 26000 sq.ft.
  5. LEED certified Green Building
  6. Grade A specifications – Central air-conditioning
  • 100% Power back-up
  • 3 Tier Security
  • High standards of Facility management including BMS
  1. 3 level Basement Car Parking


  • The investment opportunity :
  1. Assured monthly return @ Rs. 66/- per sq.ft. payable monthly/ quarterly.
  2. Investor shall retain Interest Free Security Deposit obtained from lessee.
  3. Capital appreciation due to increase in value of Real Estate Asset
  4. Projected long term gain should be above 24% p.a. as a combination of Capital appreciation and annual return.
  5. Ticket size : Rs. 32 lac onwards


  • Product Strengths :
  1. Developed by reputed Developer, designed by Singapore based Architectural firm and constructed by top most firm.
  2. Location on Golf Course Extension road ensures strong demand from corporate clients as Golf Course Road and Golf Course Extension Road are the strongest growth vectors of this segment.

Structuring of Assured Return -Modus Operandi

  • An Allotment Letter shall be issued upon initial payment of the Sale Price which shall clearly specify the Unit No., Area and the Floor and the Payment Plan.
  • Upon payment of the Balance Amount (less possession amount), the Builder Buyer’s Agreement shall be executed between the Parties which shall contain all the Terms and Conditions of the said Allotment making it obligatory for the Developer to pay Rs. 66/- per sq.ft. till possession.
  • Along with the Builder Buyer’s Agreement, the Agreement to Lease shall be executed between the Allottee (INTENDING LESSOR) and the Developer (INTENDING LESSEE). The Developer/ Subsidiary owning License for Urbana Business Park shall execute the Lease Agreement with a lock-in of 36 months at Rs. 60/- per sq.ft. per month, therefore the Developer shall be bound to pay committed rental of Rs. 60/- per sq.ft. per month for 36 months.

The Agreement to Leaseshall also give the Developer (Lessee) the right to assign/ sublease to a third party Corporate during the Lock-in Period of 36 months. In the event of the rent for the lease assignment \ sub lease being higher/ lower than Rs. 60/- per sq.ft., the treatment shall be as follows:


  1. In the event of the lease rent achieved being less than Rs. 60/- per sqft. per month, the Developer shall return to the Allottee, a compensation calculated at Rs. 120 per sqft. for every rupee drop in the lease rental below Rs. 60/- per sqft. per month.


  1. In case, lease rent exceeds Rs. 60/- per sqft. per month, the Allottee shall be required to pay an additional sale consideration for the enhanced rental achieved calculated at 50% of Rs.120/- per sqft. for every rupee increase in the lease rental. Upon payment of the additional sale consideration, the benefit of enhanced rental shall accrue to the Allottee.



Possession and Divisibility of Floor Area


  • The Developer shall issue a notice to each and every Allottee for taking over the possession upon payment of possession amount and other charges as specified in the Agreement .
  1. The Allottee shall not without the written consent of the Developer be entitled to take the physical possession including self- occupation of the unit.
  2. The Developer’s responsibility of providing services such as air-conditioning, fire fighting and electrical supply shall be limited to catering to modules of area 3000 sqft. each and it shall be the responsibility of the Allottees to further channelize the said services so as to cater to their respective modules.
  3. Due to the above technical reasons, physical sub division of floor spaces into independent units admeasuring 3000 sqft. or less shall not be permitted. 
  1. General
  2. The Developer \ Lessee under the Agreement to Lease, executed between itself and the Allottee, shall have the right to enter into Sub Lease \ Lease Assignment with any Third Party corporate. However, the registration charges and expenses, including but not limited to stamp duty shall be borne by the Allottee/ prospective Third Party lessee.
  3. After effecting of the sub-lease \ lease assignment, the Developer shall collect the rental from the sub- lessee on behalf of the Allottees and distribute the same to all the Allottees by remittances to their respective/ designated Bank Accounts on a pro-rata basis and the administrative charges to facilitate the same shall be recovered by the Developer from the Allottees in proportion to the area owned by them.
  4. The Maintenance charges during the tenure of first lease shall be directly paid by the lessee/ sub-lessee to the Maintenance Agency nominated by the Developer.
  5. The insurance charges for the entire Building (including all plant, machinery and equipment etc.) shall be debited to the Allottees once a year on proportionate area owned by them.
  6. After the expiry of the first lease, the Developer shall facilitate the re-leasing of the space- however without any obligation and shall take the prior consent of the Allottees.
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