SEZ for IT/ITES  Delhi – Badarpur – Faridabad

The upcoming 26 acres IT SEZ , at the Delhi-Badarpur-Faridabad border,just 0km from Delhi and  Mohan Cooperative, Ready to move in  Fully furnished 37000 sqft area .
Some key Highlights of our upcoming SEZ,that shall help you understand why our SEZ is today one of the most promising SEZs in the entire country.
We are eying some anchor clients or companies interested in a BTS option that can be accommodated right from the designing stage of our SEZ.Now we have all the necessary approvals and have already started working on site development We also have an incubator option admeasuring 1.25 lac sft that is available for immediate leasing, while there are also the BTS(Built to Suit) and other leasing options that may be useful for  IT clients.

1. SEZ:

a.      Notified SEZ for IT/ITES vide Notification No. S. O. 2184 (E) dated 26th Aug,2009

b.      Location: Border of Delhi-Badarpur-Faridabad

c. Total Area: 25 Acres

d.      Building #1 in the SEZ is FULLY APPROVED  and ready for carrying out fit-out and made can be fully functional in approx. 2-3 months

i.      This building is Ground + 4 structure – each floor being 25,000 sft  leasable area

ii.      The clear ceiling height after ducting is 8.5ft. Approx.

iii.      Exclusive Parking area adjacent to the building

iv.      We will provide warm shell, inclusive of HVAC and Full Power back-up

v.      Amenities block providing Canteen Area, Tuck Shop, Gym,etc. Is just 20 mtrs away

e.      On Building #2 we are now about to commence construction and are proposing the same on a BTS basis to companies.

We are looking out for prospective tenants for this building who would be interested in a BTS option so that necessary modifications/changes can be incorporated in it;


Why Us?


Some of the major advantages of the  SEZ are listed below for the benefit of your clients:

  • Nearest to Delhi IT/ITES SEZ having METRO CONNECTIVITY right to the doorstep

Faridabad – The Next big Thing in NCR

Over the past six months, Faridabad has been witnessing a quiet revolution. Real estate prices, which had plummeted post 2008 and then plateaued at Rs 20,000-25,000 per square yard last year, have suddenly shot up by 30-40%. Reason — the coming up of the Badarpur flyover. ”The realty market reflects the sentiments of the investors. Over the past six-eight months, there’s been a very positive sentiment about Faridabad because of the expected opening of the flyover.” With the Metro also scheduled to come up anytime soon, realty experts say that Faridabad is looking at a booming realty scenario. These prices will be going up by another 10-15% over the next few months.”The fact is that the image of Faridabad is changing with the opening of the flyover. Coming here and setting up a business is no longer implausible because of the Badarpur bottleneck.” With the increased connectivity,  that not only will it be easier to go to Delhi, residents of the capital will also be coming down to Faridabad. When big malls and cinema complexes open here, footfalls from Delhi and Noida will also be contributing to the economy.

The feel-good realty market certainly seems to suggest so. Experts say that rates have gone up not only in the main Faridabad sectors but also in peripheral areas. The 4.4-km flyover is a boon for Faridabad as it will benefit not only nearby areas, but also Sector 37, Ashoka Enclave, Greenfield Colony, Sectors 45, 46, 21A, B, C and D, 28, 19, 30 and Sector 31 as well. In fact, after the Metro becomes operational the maximum effect will be felt here.” The impact is already visible. Rates in sectors 21A, B, C and D, which were earlier between Rs 36-38,000 per square yard, are now between Rs 50-60,000. In sectors 30 and 31, the figure is now between Rs 45-50,000 per square yard,In sectors 21 and 19 — where most apartment complexes are located — the rates have gone up from Rs 3,500 per square feet to Rs 4,500. Realty experts say across the Canal area specially, sector 77-89 are expected to come up in a big way.

We also have some more options which are available immediately for leasing or on a BTS option:

2. Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi:

a. Address of the Property:

Lower Ground Floor

b. Type of Property: Existing Building complete with HVAC, Power Back-up and Cafeteria

c. Total Plot Area: 8000 sqyd

d. Total Area Available for Lease: 20000 sqft

e. Floor Lower Ground

f. Option for Leasing Part: Yes

g.       Furniture and Fixtures: High Quality Interior finishing consisting of Half-height partitions, office tables and chairs, cubicles, cabins for senior executives, conference rooms, reception area, etc.

h.       Fully furnished , immediately available for lease

3. Mohan Cooperative Industrial estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi

a.       Floor- Upper Ground Floor

b.       Total area available for lease: 15000 sqft

c.       Specification: Fully furnished

d.       Available on lease immediately in Upper Groud floor

4. Mohan Cooperative Industrial estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi

a.       Floor- Ground Floor

a.       Total area available for lease: 2000 sqft

b.       Specification fully furnished

c.       Available on lease on immediate basis

5. Mohan Cooperative, Mathura Road, New Delhi

a.       Floors- LGF,GF,FF,SF,TF

b.       Floor Plate: 10,000 sqft

c.       Total area on lease: 50,000 sqft

d.       Specification: Fully Furnished

e.       Available on lease within 3-4 months

f.         Lease Rate: Rs. 50 psqft for fully furnished less company AC’s and Genset

g.       Lease Rate: Rs. 65 psqft for fully furnished with company AC’s and Genset

6. Plots available on BTS option in Mohan Cooperative, Mathura Road, New Delhi


a.       B2, Area- 2225 sqyd, Super area- 37547 sqft

b.       B2, Area- 2225 sqyd, super Area- 37547 sqft

c.       B2, Area- 2000 sqyd, Super Area- 33750 sqft

d.       B2, Area- 2000 sqyd, Super Area- 33750 sqft

e.       B2, Area- 2000 sqyd, Super Area- 33750 sqft