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When searching for apartments for rent, here are some important details you may want to consider:

  1. Type of apartment: Determine the type of apartment that fits your needs, such as a studio apartment, one-bedroom apartment, two-bedroom apartment, or a larger apartment.
  2. Rent amount: Check the rent amount of the apartment to ensure it fits your budget.
  3. Location: Consider the location of the apartment and make sure it is in a convenient location with easy access to public transportation, shops, and other amenities.
  4. Amenities: Look for an apartment with desirable amenities such as a balcony, parking, gym, swimming pool, etc.
  5. Lease terms: Review the lease terms, including the security deposit, lease duration, and any other restrictions or requirements.
  6. Safety: Check the safety and security of the apartment complex or building, including security cameras, guards, and locks on doors and windows.
  7. Condition: Inspect the condition of the apartment, including any damages, repairs needed, or appliances that need replacing.

Second floor apartment, three sides open 600 square yards corner plot, Vasant Vihar. Built by leading construction company 13 years ago. 3 large bedrooms, 4 full baths. Two large living rooms. 4 balconies, one sit out terrace. Large open plan kitchen, study. Fully functional smallerย  kitchen. Some stained glass doors. Two entrances.

All rooms overlooking greens. Plenty of light and airy with large windows. Closets and woodwork in teak wood.
Suitable location for #investmentย  Delhi,๐Ÿ“ž 9958959555 | ๐ŸŒ sarthakestates.com

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Bright airy.
Large living, dining room, two bedrooms attached
luxury baths, terrace overlooks palms,
two large balconies with bedrooms
Tastefully furnished.
Fully equipped AC, phone, internet, fridge, TV, micro, plants etc.

Cleaning services.
Company lease.
Perfect for peace loving professional foreigner single or couple.