Rented Properties in NOIDA
1BARISTA (Corporate Office)The Corunthum Sector-62, Noida (100% Commercial Property)NOIDA1ST15,000 sq ft.15,000 sq ft8,25,000/- per month @ Rs. 55/- per sq ft3 Months 24,75,000/-Jun-1015% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years7.5
2BIG BAZARADITYA MALLINDIRA PURAM1ST3,540 sq ft3,540 sq ft1,48,700/- per month @ Rs. 42/- per sq ft6 Months 8,92,200/-Apr-0912% After Every 3 Yrs18 Years3 Years7
3MUTHOOT FINANCEADITYA CITY CENTREINDIRA PURAM1ST1,076 sq ft1,076 sq ft50,000/- per month @ Rs. 46.47 per sq ft3 Months 1,50,000/-15% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years6.5
4BHARTI WALLMART (Easy Day)MAHAGUN METRO MALL, VAISHALINear Dabur chowk, VAISHALILGF50,000 sq ft17,00,000/- per month @ Rs. 34/- per sq ft3 Months 51,00,000/-Mar-1015% After Every 3 Yrs25 Years3 Years7
5HCLF-23 Sec. – 11NOIDABMT+ 3416 sq mtrs12,000 sq ft.2,16,000/- per month @ Rs. 18/- per sq ft3 Months 6,48,000/-       + 3 Months Advance Rent Rs.  3,24,000/- adjustable in 36 monthsJan-1015% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years3 Years3.75 Cr.
6Company Guest House (Korean)Plot # 7 Chi – 3GREATER NOIDABMT+ 3766 sq mtrs20,000 sq ft4,15,000/- per month @ Rs. 20.75 per sq ftLumpsum 40,00,000/-May-105% After Every  Yrs9 Years5 years5.5 Cr.
7Spice BPOSector – 65NOIDABMT+ 31800 sq mtrs42,000 sq ft6.60,000/- per month @ Rs. 15.72 per sq ft3 Months 19,80,000/-15% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years8
8TCSA – 61ASECTOR – 63, NOIDABMT+ 34333 sq. mtrs.1,28,000 sq ft69,12,000/- per month @ Rs. 54/- per sq ft6 Months 4,14,72,000/-   + 3 Months Advance Rent Rs. 2,07,36,000/- adjustable in 36 monthsApr-1015% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years6 Yrs10
9TCSA – 154BSECTOR – 63, NOIDABMT+ 36000 sq. mtrs.175000 sq ft94,00,000/- per month @ 51.72 per sq ft6 Months 56,40,00,000/-200915% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years6 Yrs10
10LIMESPOT A – 16SECTOR – 63, NOIDABMT+ 31000 sq. mtrs.18000 sq ft8,40,000/- per month @ Rs. 41.67 per sq ft6 Months 50,40,000/-Jan-095% After Every Yrs9 Years3 Yrs10
11IBM INDIA PVT LTD.B – 19SECTOR – 62, NOIDABMT+ 37000 sq. mtrs.205000 sq ft97,00,000/-+10,00,000/- per month @ Rs. 52.20 per sq ft6 Months 6,42,00,000/-200815% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years6 Yrs12
12GPM TECHNOLOGIESSector – 57NOIDABMT+ 3800 sq. mtrs.17500 sq ft7,40,000/- per month @ Rs. 42.29 per sq ft3 Months 22,20,000/-Nov-0915% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years3 Yrs10.8
13TECH MAHINDRAA – 100SECTOR – 58, NOIDABMT+ 32700 sq. mtrs.100000 sq ft37,00,000/- per month @ Rs. 37/- per sq ft6 Months 2,22,00,000/-May-1015% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years3 Yrs9
14MD Every where (U.S. Based Company)C – 53SECTOR – 58, NOIDABMT+ 31453 sq. mtrs.40,000 sq ft17,50,000/- per month @ Rs. 43.75 per sq ft3 Months 52,50,000/-Jul-0912.5% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years3 Yrs10
15MNCH – 35SECTOR – 63, NOIDABMT+ 324,000 sq. ft.GF+BMT (Rented) to MNC        FF & SF (Vacant)2,35,000/- per month @ Rs. 19.60 per sq ft3 Months 7,05,000/-       + Rent expected for 1st & 2nd Rs. 24,000/- per sq ftNov-0915% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years6 Cr.
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