Rented Properties in GURGAON
1DEUTSCHE POSTBANKVIPUL AGORAMAIN MG ROAD, GURGAON1ST FLOOR18800 sq. ft.2145 sq ft2,03,775/- per month @ Rs. 95/- per sq ftDone by Tenant6 Months 12,22,650/-Jul-1015% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years3 Yrs7
2ADIDASGREENWOOD COMMERCIAL TOWERGREENWOOD CITY, SEC – 45, GURGAONUPPER FLOOR140000 sq.ft.1337 sq.ft.1,10,958/- per month @ Rs. 82.99 per sq ft6 Months 6,65,748/-RECENT25% After 5 Yrs(5+5+5) Yrs.5 Yrs.6.75
3CWC SourcingVatika TowerMain Golf Course Road, Gurgaon11TH10000 sq. ft.1000 / 500 sq. ft.per month @ Rs. 57.5 per sq ft3 MonthsAug-0715% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years——5.75
4GENERAL CABLEIRIS TECH PARKSOHNA ROAD, GURGAON5TH7781 sq. ft.1500 sq ft97,500/- per month @ Rs. 65/- per sq ft6 Months 5,85,000/-Oct-0915% at the end of Every 3 Yrs.3+3+33 Yrs8
5Indian Oil Tanking (IOT Insfrastructure & Energy Services Ltd.)ABW TOWERIFFCO CHOWK, GURGAON3RD14000 sq. ft.1844 sq ft1,75,180/- per month @ Rs. 95/- per sq ftDone by Owner6 Months 10,51,080/-Aug-1015% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years3 Yrs6.5
6OZONE PHAMACEUTICALTECH PARKSOHNA ROAD, GURGAONLGF28,000 sq. ft.784.64 (5 Nos.) sq ft26,678/- per month @ Rs. 34/- per sq ft6 Months 1,60,068/-Oct-10——3+3+33 Yrs7
7POSCO E&CBPTP PARK CENTRASECTOR – 30, GURGAON7TH21000 sq. ft.993 sq. ft.62,559/- per month @ Rs. 63/- per sq ftDone by Tenant7.5 Months 4,69,193/-Sep-0815% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years3 Yrs7
8TSS (Textile Sourcing & Services)IRIS TECH PARKSOHNA ROAD, GURGAON12TH2135 sq. ft.2135 sq ft1,17,425/- per month @ Rs. 55/- per sq ft6 Months 7,04,550/-Aug-1015% After Every 3 Yrs3+3+33 Yrs7.25
9UNINORWELLDONE / IRIS TECH PARKSOHNA ROAD, GURGAON8TH, 9TH & 10THWELLDONE 1,00,000 / IRIS 80,000 sq. ft.1080 sq ft47,520/- per month @ Rs. 44/- per sq ft4 Months 1,90,080/-Welldone Apr-10 / Iris Sep-10Welldone 8% After 1st Term & 12% After 2nd Term Iris : 12% at the end of every 3 Yrs.3+3+33 Years7
10UNITECH INFRASTRUCTUREGREENWOOD COMMERCIAL TOWERGREENWOOD CITY, SEC – 45, GURGAON1ST1450 sq ft1,45,000/- per month @ Rs. 100/- per sq ft6 Months 8,70,000/-RECENT12% After 5 Yrs9 Years3 Years7.75
11Xebia IT ArchtechPark CentraNH-8, Gurgaon5TH17000 sq. ft.772 sq. ft.42,460/- per month @ Rs. 55/- per sq ft4 Months 1,69,840/-Apr-1015% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years12 months7
12HAYAT COMMUNIATIONS (Dubai based Company)IRIS TECH PARKWelldone Techpark, Gurgaon3RD9716 sq ft.1713 & 500 sq. ft.per month @ Rs. 55/- per sq ft6 MonthsOct-1015% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years3 Years7.25
13NEUREOL TECHNOLOGIESWelldone Techpark, Gurgaon12TH1000 sq ft.56,000/-per month @ Rs. 56/- per sq ft6 Months 3,36,000/-15% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years3 Years7.25
14A T & TVatika Triangle M. G. Road, Gurgaon3RD956.24 Sq. ft.71,718/-per month @ Rs. 75/- per sq ft4 Months 2,86,872/-Aug-1015% Increase After Every 3 Yrs9 Years24 Months6
15Bank of MaharastraSOHNA ROADGURGAON2240 sq. ft.1,37,000/- per month @ Rs. 61.17 per sq ft3 Months 4,11,000/-15% After Every 3 Yrs5.5
16BPO301, Udyog Vihar Phase – IIGURGAON1ST & 2ND50,000 sq ft25,000 sq ft (1st & 2nd)8,00,000/- per month @ Rs. 32/- per sq ft3 Months 24,00,000/-15% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years17 Crores
17HT MEDIABPTP PARK CENTRASector-30, Gurgaon7TH73000 sq. ft.1458 sq ft91,854/-per month @ Rs. 63/- per sq ft6 Months 5,51,124/-Jul-0815% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years6 Yrs7
18INVERNESS MEDICAL INNOVATION INC. (Top MNC)BPTP PARK CENTRAGURGAON7TH3000 sq ft.2,70,000/- per month @ Rs. 90/- per sq ft6 Months 16,20,000/-15% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years2 years9
19MNCDLF Corporate ParkMG ROAD, GURGAON3RD4086 sq ft.4,73,744/- per month @ Rs. 116/- per sq ft6 Months 28,42,464/-15% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years7.25
20GBS30, Udyog Vihar, Phase-IGURGAONBMT, GF, FF & SF11,000 sq ft.3,25,000/- per month @ Rs. 29.6 per sq ft6 Months 19,50,000/-15% After Every 3 Yrs36 months7.42
21SGS35, Udyog Vihar, Phase-IGURGAONBMT, GF, FF & SF12,000 sq ft.6,65,000/- per month @ Rs. 55.5 per sq ft6 Months 39,90,000/-25% After 2 Yrs24 months11
22YES BANK LTDVatika Business ParkSOHNA ROAD, GURGAONGF847 Sq. fts.74,113/- per month @ Rs. 87.50 per sq ft6 Months 4,44,678/-Aug-1015% Increase After Every 3 Yrs9 Years12 Months5
23KINTETSU WORLD EXPRESSPALM COURTGURGAONGF3250 sq ft2,50,250/- per month @ Rs. 77/- per sq ftFurnished6 Months 15,01,500/-Jul-1015% After Every 3 Yrs39 Months7
24T S INFOTECHCENTRUM PLAZAGURGAON4TH5515 sq ft4,68,775/- per month @ Rs. 85/- per sq ftFurnished6 Months 28,12,650/-Jan-1012% After 3 Yrs3 Yrs7.5
25ASSURED RETURNSPAZE I TSOHNA ROAD, GURGAON6TH478+478+672+672 sq ftper month @ Rs. 45/- per sq ft8.5
26ALCATEL406Udyog Vihar, Phase-III, Gurgaon1,05,000 sq ft68,25,000/-per month @ Rs. 65/- per sq ft6 Months 4,09,50,000/-15% After Every 3 Yrs3 Yrs9
27FIRE CAPITALVATIKA CITY POINTMG ROAD, GURGAON10TH3000 sq. ft.3,36,000/-per month @ Rs. 112/- per sq ft6 Months 20,16,000/-15% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years3 Yrs7
28ELECTADLF CORPORATE PARKMG ROAD, GURGAON2200 sq. ft.2,55,200/-per month @ Rs. 116/- per sq ft7.2
29ATLAS COPCO.UNITECH BUSINESS PARKSOUTH CITY – I, GURGAON1ST1600 sq. ft.1,28,000/-per month @ Rs. 80/- per sq ft6 Months 7,68,000/-Jun-1015% After Every 3 Yrs3 Years3 Yrs6.5
30CAIRN ENERGYPARAS TIWN TOWERGOLF COURSE ROAD, GURGAON2ND1568 sq. ft.1,30,144/-per month @ Rs. 83/- per sq ft6 Months 7,80,864/-Oct-0815% After Every 3 Yrs21 Months6.75
31DEGREMONTUNITECH BUSINESS PARKSOUTH CITY – I, GURGAON1ST1800 sq. ft.1,26,000/-per month @ Rs. 70/- per sq ft6 Months 7,56,000/-10% Increase After Every 2 Yrs & 15% Increase After Every 3 Yrs.2 Years3 Yrs.6
32VSERV BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PVT LTD.IRIS TECH PARKSOHNA ROAD, GURGAON3RD3471.15 sq ft3471.15 sq ft2,01,327/-per month @ Rs. 58/- per sq ft6 Months 12,07,962/-15% At the end of Every 3 Yrs3+3+33 Years7.5


Rented property for sale CALL+919958959555
Nh-8 galaxy building
Tenant : we work ( 40 billion dollar US Mnc )
Total area leased : 1.10 lakh sq ft
Rent : 81 per sq ft ( fit outs done by we work total investment by we work on the property approx 30 cr )
Lease period : 20 years
Increase : 12 % after 3 years
Security : 3 months
Lock in : 5 years
Fresh lease
Unit size : 700 to 1700 sq ft
Only few units left
Return : 6.5 %