Rented Properties in GURGAON
1DEUTSCHE POSTBANKVIPUL AGORAMAIN MG ROAD, GURGAON1ST FLOOR18800 sq. ft.2145 sq ft2,03,775/- per month @ Rs. 95/- per sq ftDone by Tenant6 Months 12,22,650/-Jul-1015% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years3 Yrs7
2ADIDASGREENWOOD COMMERCIAL TOWERGREENWOOD CITY, SEC – 45, GURGAONUPPER FLOOR140000 sq.ft.1337 sq.ft.1,10,958/- per month @ Rs. 82.99 per sq ft6 Months 6,65,748/-RECENT25% After 5 Yrs(5+5+5) Yrs.5 Yrs.6.75
3CWC SourcingVatika TowerMain Golf Course Road, Gurgaon11TH10000 sq. ft.1000 / 500 sq. ft.per month @ Rs. 57.5 per sq ft3 MonthsAug-0715% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years——5.75
4GENERAL CABLEIRIS TECH PARKSOHNA ROAD, GURGAON5TH7781 sq. ft.1500 sq ft97,500/- per month @ Rs. 65/- per sq ft6 Months 5,85,000/-Oct-0915% at the end of Every 3 Yrs.3+3+33 Yrs8
5Indian Oil Tanking (IOT Insfrastructure & Energy Services Ltd.)ABW TOWERIFFCO CHOWK, GURGAON3RD14000 sq. ft.1844 sq ft1,75,180/- per month @ Rs. 95/- per sq ftDone by Owner6 Months 10,51,080/-Aug-1015% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years3 Yrs6.5
6OZONE PHAMACEUTICALTECH PARKSOHNA ROAD, GURGAONLGF28,000 sq. ft.784.64 (5 Nos.) sq ft26,678/- per month @ Rs. 34/- per sq ft6 Months 1,60,068/-Oct-10——3+3+33 Yrs7
7POSCO E&CBPTP PARK CENTRASECTOR – 30, GURGAON7TH21000 sq. ft.993 sq. ft.62,559/- per month @ Rs. 63/- per sq ftDone by Tenant7.5 Months 4,69,193/-Sep-0815% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years3 Yrs7
8TSS (Textile Sourcing & Services)IRIS TECH PARKSOHNA ROAD, GURGAON12TH2135 sq. ft.2135 sq ft1,17,425/- per month @ Rs. 55/- per sq ft6 Months 7,04,550/-Aug-1015% After Every 3 Yrs3+3+33 Yrs7.25
9UNINORWELLDONE / IRIS TECH PARKSOHNA ROAD, GURGAON8TH, 9TH & 10THWELLDONE 1,00,000 / IRIS 80,000 sq. ft.1080 sq ft47,520/- per month @ Rs. 44/- per sq ft4 Months 1,90,080/-Welldone Apr-10 / Iris Sep-10Welldone 8% After 1st Term & 12% After 2nd Term Iris : 12% at the end of every 3 Yrs.3+3+33 Years7
10UNITECH INFRASTRUCTUREGREENWOOD COMMERCIAL TOWERGREENWOOD CITY, SEC – 45, GURGAON1ST1450 sq ft1,45,000/- per month @ Rs. 100/- per sq ft6 Months 8,70,000/-RECENT12% After 5 Yrs9 Years3 Years7.75
11Xebia IT ArchtechPark CentraNH-8, Gurgaon5TH17000 sq. ft.772 sq. ft.42,460/- per month @ Rs. 55/- per sq ft4 Months 1,69,840/-Apr-1015% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years12 months7
12HAYAT COMMUNIATIONS (Dubai based Company)IRIS TECH PARKWelldone Techpark, Gurgaon3RD9716 sq ft.1713 & 500 sq. ft.per month @ Rs. 55/- per sq ft6 MonthsOct-1015% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years3 Years7.25
13NEUREOL TECHNOLOGIESWelldone Techpark, Gurgaon12TH1000 sq ft.56,000/-per month @ Rs. 56/- per sq ft6 Months 3,36,000/-15% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years3 Years7.25
14A T & TVatika Triangle M. G. Road, Gurgaon3RD956.24 Sq. ft.71,718/-per month @ Rs. 75/- per sq ft4 Months 2,86,872/-Aug-1015% Increase After Every 3 Yrs9 Years24 Months6
15Bank of MaharastraSOHNA ROADGURGAON2240 sq. ft.1,37,000/- per month @ Rs. 61.17 per sq ft3 Months 4,11,000/-15% After Every 3 Yrs5.5
16BPO301, Udyog Vihar Phase – IIGURGAON1ST & 2ND50,000 sq ft25,000 sq ft (1st & 2nd)8,00,000/- per month @ Rs. 32/- per sq ft3 Months 24,00,000/-15% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years17 Crores
17HT MEDIABPTP PARK CENTRASector-30, Gurgaon7TH73000 sq. ft.1458 sq ft91,854/-per month @ Rs. 63/- per sq ft6 Months 5,51,124/-Jul-0815% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years6 Yrs7
18INVERNESS MEDICAL INNOVATION INC. (Top MNC)BPTP PARK CENTRAGURGAON7TH3000 sq ft.2,70,000/- per month @ Rs. 90/- per sq ft6 Months 16,20,000/-15% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years2 years9
19MNCDLF Corporate ParkMG ROAD, GURGAON3RD4086 sq ft.4,73,744/- per month @ Rs. 116/- per sq ft6 Months 28,42,464/-15% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years7.25
20GBS30, Udyog Vihar, Phase-IGURGAONBMT, GF, FF & SF11,000 sq ft.3,25,000/- per month @ Rs. 29.6 per sq ft6 Months 19,50,000/-15% After Every 3 Yrs36 months7.42
21SGS35, Udyog Vihar, Phase-IGURGAONBMT, GF, FF & SF12,000 sq ft.6,65,000/- per month @ Rs. 55.5 per sq ft6 Months 39,90,000/-25% After 2 Yrs24 months11
22YES BANK LTDVatika Business ParkSOHNA ROAD, GURGAONGF847 Sq. fts.74,113/- per month @ Rs. 87.50 per sq ft6 Months 4,44,678/-Aug-1015% Increase After Every 3 Yrs9 Years12 Months5
23KINTETSU WORLD EXPRESSPALM COURTGURGAONGF3250 sq ft2,50,250/- per month @ Rs. 77/- per sq ftFurnished6 Months 15,01,500/-Jul-1015% After Every 3 Yrs39 Months7
24T S INFOTECHCENTRUM PLAZAGURGAON4TH5515 sq ft4,68,775/- per month @ Rs. 85/- per sq ftFurnished6 Months 28,12,650/-Jan-1012% After 3 Yrs3 Yrs7.5
25ASSURED RETURNSPAZE I TSOHNA ROAD, GURGAON6TH478+478+672+672 sq ftper month @ Rs. 45/- per sq ft8.5
26ALCATEL406Udyog Vihar, Phase-III, Gurgaon1,05,000 sq ft68,25,000/-per month @ Rs. 65/- per sq ft6 Months 4,09,50,000/-15% After Every 3 Yrs3 Yrs9
27FIRE CAPITALVATIKA CITY POINTMG ROAD, GURGAON10TH3000 sq. ft.3,36,000/-per month @ Rs. 112/- per sq ft6 Months 20,16,000/-15% After Every 3 Yrs9 Years3 Yrs7
28ELECTADLF CORPORATE PARKMG ROAD, GURGAON2200 sq. ft.2,55,200/-per month @ Rs. 116/- per sq ft7.2
29ATLAS COPCO.UNITECH BUSINESS PARKSOUTH CITY – I, GURGAON1ST1600 sq. ft.1,28,000/-per month @ Rs. 80/- per sq ft6 Months 7,68,000/-Jun-1015% After Every 3 Yrs3 Years3 Yrs6.5
30CAIRN ENERGYPARAS TIWN TOWERGOLF COURSE ROAD, GURGAON2ND1568 sq. ft.1,30,144/-per month @ Rs. 83/- per sq ft6 Months 7,80,864/-Oct-0815% After Every 3 Yrs21 Months6.75
31DEGREMONTUNITECH BUSINESS PARKSOUTH CITY – I, GURGAON1ST1800 sq. ft.1,26,000/-per month @ Rs. 70/- per sq ft6 Months 7,56,000/-10% Increase After Every 2 Yrs & 15% Increase After Every 3 Yrs.2 Years3 Yrs.6
32VSERV BUSINESS SOLUTIONS PVT LTD.IRIS TECH PARKSOHNA ROAD, GURGAON3RD3471.15 sq ft3471.15 sq ft2,01,327/-per month @ Rs. 58/- per sq ft6 Months 12,07,962/-15% At the end of Every 3 Yrs3+3+33 Years7.5


Rented property for sale CALL+919958959555
Nh-8 galaxy building
Tenant : we work ( 40 billion dollar US Mnc )
Total area leased : 1.10 lakh sq ft
Rent : 81 per sq ft ( fit outs done by we work total investment by we work on the property approx 30 cr )
Lease period : 20 years
Increase : 12 % after 3 years
Security : 3 months
Lock in : 5 years
Fresh lease
Unit size : 700 to 1700 sq ft
Only few units left
Return : 6.5 %


Sarthak Estates is into corporate/residential leasing/selling. We can be of assistance in locating new sites for your branches in Delhi and Ncr.We are on the panel of reputed builders and organize lease, franchisee and alternate models like revenue sharing in malls and high streets. The company has many successful ventures to its credit, as laisioning is strength with this company. We are associated with all the major builders and we provide services right from the procurement of land till the final leasing. You Can Contact us @ +91-9958959555

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