PLAZA FOOD HALL – IREO’s 1st Food Court in Gurgaon

PLAZA FOOD HALL – IREO’s 1st Food Court in Gurgaon!

THE PLAZA FOOD HALL-Food Court – Raising the bar of fine dining a notch higher!

IREO City Central

Great brands never cease to amaze us. They are impeccable, trustworthy, and most importantly, they are more than just products and services; they’re an extension of ourselves, our aspirations and are ones we can identify ourselves with.

When IREO announced their 1st Food Court in Gurgaon, it came as a pleasant surprise for us in the industry to have another feather in this hat of masterpieces in the city by a legend in the Real Estate Sector.

We are proud to present,

THE PLAZA FOOD HALL – IREO’s 1st Food Court in Gurgaon

IREO CITY / Sector – 59 / Golf Course Extension Road

A low upkeep, state-of-the-art Hi-Street Retail with all the features to match even the best of shopping malls – in a prime location amidst the best catchment and in a vicinity where it’s the only of its kind.

Why invest in a food court?

The exclusive specifications that the High-Street Retail format markets have among various different market formats makes them immensely successful with a promising future for investors. Markets of Sector-14, 29, 31, Galleria, Arjun Marg, Good Earth and Qutub Plaza have achieved phenomenal appreciation in just a few years.

Retail is usually limited in number due to its physical inflexibility. Due to limited supply, this segment enjoys steady appreciation. Any running quality retail space in Gurgaon today achieves anything of 25,000 and beyond. Galleria in DLF-4 is one of the best examples. Today, it boasts of rates of 1.5 lacs plus!

Also, investment in Food Court can often achieve exponential growth. For ex. ‘CYBERHUB’ is getting rentals or INR 1000/- per sq. ft. For in depth facts and figures visit


It is ideally located at the intersection of Sectors 58, 59 and 61. Click here for the exact location:


IREO City Central boasts of 10 unique features, and most importantly, no other Hi-Street Rental exists with a Shop & Dine option close by!

1 – Spread over 700 Acres (including IREO City).

2 – Seamless Connectivity of Shops at all levels : A four course, smartly designed network of elevators and escalators along with staircases and ramps.

3 – Grand Piazza : For sufficient breathing spacing between the shop area and for smooth movement avoiding clutter.

4 – Covered Walkways : Covered walkways outside the shops ensure smooth movement of footfall around the space without worrying about the sun or rain – needless to say, very apt for Indian climatic conditions!

5 – Large Frontage : Over half a kilometer and 84 meter wide roads with service roads on both sides. Excellent signage value too, viz. assured brand visibility from a distance!

6 – Dense & Captive Catchment : This comprises 40,000+ residing families on Golf Course Road and Golf Course Extension Road in Sectors 51-57 and 61-67, the upcoming 200 Acre SEZ and approx. 20,000 working professionals on the Golf Course Road. ICC will attract large footfalls from these areas once up and functional.

7 – Ample Car Parking : The 84m wide road surrounding this project will provide adequate space for vehicle maneuvering and offer easy parking spots. This in exchange will encourage consumers to step in to the market without going through the inconvenience of buying tokens.

8 – Lease Friendly models : The model offers the freedom of adjusting the space and size as per the set- up each brand requires.

9 – Drop off facility : Drop off at various points eases movement ensuring one is not hassled to walk miles to reach the desired destination within the complex.

10 – Easy Payment Option : Trust us when we say it is the best in the present market since it allows the buyers to pay a minimal booking amount of only 35% now and the rest on possession offered, hence easing the burden on the pocket with added time benefit.


1 – Food Court ranging between 475 – 1194 Sq.Ft.

2 – Restaurants ranging between 1290 – 4076 Sq.Ft.

The secret of our confidence in its success?

We believe that with the vast residential and commercial spaces in and around its midst, a single Food Court on the Golf Course Extension Road has amazing potential. Reasons being:

1 – Entire stretch of Golf Course Extension Road from sector 58 to 66 has a provision of

a – 200 meters of commercial zone on one side. All these offices will directly contribute to the success of this food court.

b – Around 2000 acres of residential space on the golf course extension road.

2 – One End of Golf Course Road in itself will be an attractive proposition.

3 – Direct connectivity with Delhi through Rapid Metro nearby.


A base minimum forecast of Rs.50,000/- per Sq.Ft. for this unit in the next 2-4 years is very likely, keeping in mind the appreciation pattern in the existing commercial zones of the surrounding areas like Golf Course Road itself. In fact, the appreciation might reach heights of up to Rs.2 lacs (on the higher side) under favorable market conditions. With Hyatt and Ascott collaboration, IREO City has all the reasons to become the most prestigious hub in Gurgaon. That being said, this is the best time and opportunity to invest in it before prices skyrocket.


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