When you have Lodha Group of Companies in all the major cities of the world, you need not look anywhere else to invest. Lodha group have major project running not only in the country, but also outside India. Lodha group of companies are currently number one in terms of finest luxury residences.

Here are list of Lodha properties that will tempt you to own one of them for your lifetime. They are located in the prime areas of Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad and London. Each residence is crafted in detail which meets the world standard in terms of quality and brand.

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Starting with Financial capital, Mumbai – Lodha group is currently developing:

 The world’s tallest residential complex named as World One.

Palava, a mega project which is spread on a lavish land of 4200 + acres. It is going to be the world’s private city development that is apt for those earning middle income.

 A master project that will sweep every one by their feet is creating `The Park’ Project, a 17.5vacre neighborhood in the planning stage.

Washington House on Altamount road will see a new difference in the life style of people.

New Cuffe Parade will get a brand new City centre. This is a result of massive land deal worth Rs. 4,053 Crores.


Speaking of outside the country, Lodha group has acquired 1 Governor Square in the heart of London.

Another feather in their kitty is the newly developing property in Central London at Lincoln Square.

All Lodha properties all over the world have special touch of Giorgio Armani, Casa, L’Occitane, Arup, Woha, Jade Jagger and Sasaki to name a few. They believe in giving their customers the best services and architectural designs from all the best in the business.

Lodha properties at a glance:

Lodha Altamount: Considered to be one of the expensive high rise in the most posh locality of South Mumbai, Lodha Altamount defines luxury. This high end apartment is designed by world renowned architect Hadi Teherani from Germany. Lodha Altamount is 37 storied and is structured in to 3, 4 and 5 bedroom units. This project is ready for possession by June 2017.

LODHA World  Towers: This project will mark as the most iconic address in South Mumbai’s post residential area. This apartment comprises of 2 towers – World Crest and World One. World One has 81 levels and for the first time in India, this residential apartment will have the touch of famous architect Giorgio Armani / Casa. The apartment features 3 and 4 bedrooms units, villas and mansions. The World Towers, which is built on 17 acres of land, is priced at Rs.12.2 Crores – Rs. 17 Crores. World Crest is expected to be ready by June 2016 and construction of World One will commence from July 2017.

LODHA Trump Tower: This one of a kind tower will be constructed in South Mumbai, Worli. Trump tower will be shining in gold embellishment and has stunning 75 plus stories. The interior for this esteemed project is designed by world Class architect Hersch Bedner Associates. As of May 2016, the status of this project is completed till Level 27. Trump tower will feature 3 and 4 bedroom residences. The price range for Trump Tower is ranged between Rs. 9.5 Crores and Rs. 13.5 Crores. The project is slated for completion by December 2018. Can it get better than this?

LODHA The Park: Set on sprawling 17 acre land, The Park is constructed in South Mumbai, Worli. The inspiration of this apartment came from Greater Urban Parks of the World. As the name suggests, The Park also has whopping 7 acre Private Park. There are in total of 4 towers namely – Allura, Parkside, Marquise and Kiara podium. The completion status as on May 2016 is – Allura / Parkside: 27 levels, Marquise: 30 levels. The apartment has 3, 4 and 5 bedroom residences. The prices for apartments in The Park are ranging from Rs. 5.5 Crores and Rs. 9.5 Crore plus. The project is expected for possession by December 2017.

Lodha Venezia and Lodha Azzuro: Based on lines Venetian in Las Vegas, Lodha properties brings to you our own water based development in Parel area of Mumbai. The location of twin towers of Venezia and Azzuro is best as it has close proximity to Central Business district and leisure activities. The project completion status as on May 2016 is Venetia: level 65 and Venetia: plinth level. All the residences in towers will have 2 and 3 bedroom apartments. The price range for both towers are expected to from Rs. 5 Crore to Rs. 6 Crore plus. Both the towers, Venezia and Azzuro are expected to be ready for delivery by June 2017 and December 2019 respectively.

LODHA New Cuffe Parade: Where in Mumbai can you find an apartment which has 75000 sq. ft. of club house and 15 acres of open and green spaces? New Cuffe Parade boasts of spacious 23 acres of residential units with commercial and retail towers. The apartment will have separate garden for few select residences and 2, 3 and 4 bedroom units. New Cuffe Parade will have 5 towers namely – Evoq, Dioro, Elisium, Enchante and Kelly Hopen Tower. The price range for these towers varies between Rs. 3.3 Crores and Rs. 6.5 Crore plus. The towers will be ready for possession by first half of 2017.


The other esteemed projects from Lodha group, which are located in western suburbs of Mumbai, are

Lodha Florenza, Lodha Eternis and Lodha Aqua. These projects will take your expectations to another level all together.

Lodha Florenza: This high rise located in western suburb of Mumbai, Goregaon is a project to watch out for. This project is unique as it is the first internationally designed residential apartment by renowned designer Jade Jagger for YOO. It has international level of amenities which cannot be found anywhere. The project status as on May 2016 stands at – two towers are ready for possession and civil construction completed for other two towers. Lodha Florenza will have 2, 3 and 4 bedroom residences and 5 bedroom duplex units. The price range for towers will start from Rs. 3.2 Crores and Rs. 4 Crores plus. The completed 2 towers are ready for possession, while the other 2 towers will be ready by H1 2017.

Lodha Eternis: This apartment is rightly called as Spa living. Lodha Eternis will feature over 80,000 Sq. ft of green lush landscaping. Located in Western Suburb of Andheri East, Lodha Eternis will see 2,3 and 4 bedroom residences and few select garden residences. The apartment will be constructed in 2 phases. The project completion report as on May 2016 stands at: RCC in progress for phase 2. The price range for this apartment starts from Rs. 2.2 Crores to 3.5 Crore plus. While phase 1 is ready for possession, phase 2 will be ready only by 2018.

Lodha Aqua: Lodha Aqua, where living is a dream comes true. Where you can enjoy a water inspired development along with lush greenery with all modern comforts and amenities. This apartment, located in Dahisar has spacious 500 units and is priced at Rs. 1.6 Crores to Rs. 3 Crores plus. The apartment has 3 bedroom residences and 4 bedroom garden flats. Lodha Aqua is ready for possession.

Let’s talk about Lodha properties in Eastern Suburbs of Mumbai.

Lodha Amara: Amara is surrounded by 40 acre of oasis, in the growing neighborhood of Mumbai, Thane. The quality of air will be retained as there are over 1000 trees that give you fresh air to breathe. As on May 2016, 10 Levels have been completed. Lodha Amara will feature 1, 2 and 3 bedroom residences. The price range for Amara is starting from Rs. 72 lacs to Rs. 1.1 Crore plus. The expected date of possession will be November 2018.

Lodha Splendora: Built on 40 acres of land and 15 acre of landscape Lodha Splendora has 20,000 sq. ft of lavish fully functional club house equipped with modern day amenities. The residents can enjoy the breathtaking views of Yeoor hills and Ulhas River. As on May 2016, 2 towers are ready for possession and other towers are in the process of completion. Lodha Splendora will have 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom residences. The prices for these apartments are fixed at Rs. 65.6 Lacs to Rs. 1.5 Crore plus. Most of the towers are ready for possession and other towers will be ready by December 2017.

Lodha Luxuria Priva: These apartments have 3 towers based on 15000 sq. metres in the suburb of Thane. Each unit in the apartment is tailored to perfection and gives the feeling of luxury to the core. Civil construction is completed as on May 2016. Lodha Luxuria Priva has 2 and 3 bedroom residences. The price range for this apartment starts from Rs. 1.3 Crores to Rs. 2.3 Crore plus. The apartment will be ready for possession by March 2017.

LODHA Casa Royale: Surrounded by lavish amenities and green landscapes in the heart of Thane, Casa Royale features 2 bedroom residences. Civil construction is completed as on May 2016 and finishing is in progress. The expected price range starts from Rs. 1.2 Crores to 1.3 plus Crores. The apartments will be ready for possession by July 2016.

LODHA Bella Gold, Casa Rio and Casa Rio Gold, Palava City: Presenting Palava City, India’s first smart city residences, where you have the luxury of 9 hole golf course, world class schools club, and sports facilities which meet international standards. The apartment has 2, 3 and 4 bedroom residences. The residences are priced at Rs. 48 lacs plus. Some apartment towers are ready for possession and others will be ready by September 2016.

Lodha Golf Links: This is one more extension of Palava City with built in 9 hole golf community in the apartment complex. The smart city features private 5 bedroom luxury villas and 2 and 3 bedroom condominiums with a view of serene river. The prices are starting from Rs. 1.2 Crores to Rs. 1.9 Crores plus. As of May 2016, Villas and most of the towers are completed and Select towers will be ready by September 2016.

LODHA Lake shore Greens: Who would not want to stay and experience India’s premium smart city residential complexes? Located in the vicinity of India’s Number 1 School – Shri Ram Universal, an Olympic level sports complex and Art and culture complex, Palava city is the one to look out. The apartment complex has 1, 2 and 3 bedroom residences. As on May 2016, the structure is completed for majority of buildings and the complex will be ready for possession by June 2017. The price range for this complex starts from Rs. 45 Lacs to Rs. 85 plus lacs.

Lodha Belmondo: Located in the heart of Pune, Lodha Belmondo is anything but 100 acre luxury resort. The apartment is situated near the banks of Pavana River and has a 45 acre golf course, which is designed by legendary golfer Greg Norman. Lodha Belmondo has 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom residences and sky duplex with golf villas. Phase is in finishing stages and other phases will be ready from July 2016 to December 2017. The price range starts from Rs. 60 lacs to Rs. 2.1 plus crores. Moving on to the other part of country, we start from Hyderabad.

Lodha Belleza: This sky touching villas offer 70% open green spaces and neatly manicured landscapes. Majority of the villas give you the luxury of full floor giving you the feeling of living in a sky scraper bungalow. Lodha Belleza has 3 and 4 bedroom residences with prices starting from Rs. 3.3 Crores to Rs. 3.7 plus crores. The apartment is ready to move in.

Lodha Meridian: HITECH City, Hyderabad will get a new iconic structure called Lodha Meridian. The apartment is in its finishing stage, with civil construction being completed. Lodha Meridian will feature 3 bedroom residences. The prices are starting from Rs. 80 Lacs to Rs. 1.5 Crores plus. The apartment will be ready for possession from July 2016 to June 2017 depending on different towers.

Casa Paradiso: Casa Paradiso will bring the required change in Hyderabad in terms of connectivity to premium shopping outlets, best schooling and corporate hubs. The apartment has 2 and 3 bedroom residences and is ready for possession. The price for this apartment starts from Rs. 60 lacs to Rs. 80 plus lacs.

Lincoln square: Lodha group spread their wings to London city and Lincoln Square is born. It is located just off convent gardens and merges well with city’s unique architecture and history. Lincoln square will feature 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom residences. The prices for these apartment complex starts from £9,85,000 to £3,400,000. The construction is in progress and will be ready to hand over by September 2018.

Apart from that Lodha group has something for everyone. It has new projects coming up in Mumbai.

They are:

– Residential apartment in Walkeswar

– Designer tower at World Tower

– Residential apartment in Parel

– New construction of tower in Cuffe Parade

– New phase in Amara, Thane

– New phase at Palava.

Speaking of offices and retail spaces, Lodha group has constructed different offices in the different parts of the city. The price structures for officers are as follows:

1. Lodha Supremus located in Powai with the price range of Rs. 2.4 Crores to Rs. 6.5 plus crores. The office is ready to occupy.

2. Lodha Supremus, located in Wagle Estate Thane is ready to occupy. The price range starts from Rs. 2.4 Crores to Rs. 6.5 plus crores.

3. Lodha Supremus, located in Palava is under construction.

The price structures for retail spaces are as follows:

1. Lodha Experia, located in Palava, with price range of Rs.100 – 200 per sq. ft. is ready to move in.

2. Boulevard in Thane is ready for sale with a price range of Rs. 65 lacs to Rs. 4 crore plus.

3. Luxury retail located in World tower, upper Worli and The Park is ready to occupy on lease basis.

4. Convenience Shopping is located at various locations is ready and some are under construction.

What makes Lodha Group the best in the business? There are some great advantages dealing with

Lodha group and they are:

– They use local construction material to lower pollution.

– They bagged the first completed gold LEED building in Mumbai.

– Use Rain water harvesting in all their projects.

– Recycling fresh water at various developments.

– Recycling waste material to minimize construction cost and prevents wastages.

– Mumbai’s first multi-tenant platinum LEED office building under construction.

Awards and Recognition

Lodha is the number one real estate company in India. It has bagged many prestigious awards and recognitions over the year. It has been India’s number one company for over a period of 4 years consecutively. They have more than 30 projects and 43 million sq. ft. under construction. Lodha group of properties have their offices in London, Dubai and Shanghai. They have alone delivered around 20,000 homes in the last five years. With 35 plus years of heritage and tradition, Lodha developers deserve all the success and happy faces from its customers.

Lodha presents “ready-to-live-in” projects across Mumbai.

Please find below the inventory and pricing details for your perusal , To buy the property Call +91 9958959555

Project NameLocationUnit TypeSaleable AreaCarpet AreaCar ParksUnit Price*
Lodha CostieraNapean Sea RoadSea-Facing 4 BHK486932424On Request
3 BHK with Covered Terrace4041 + 17682695 + 1179330 Cr
Lodha BellissimoMahalaxmi5 BHK Duplex Penthouse67064790524.5 Cr
5 BHK Duplex Penthouse52923780419 Cr
Lodha GoldcrestLonavalaSignature Villa7263558625.25 Cr
Lodha Aurum GrandeKanjurmarg3 BHK Garden Residence1494 + 1878934 + 117413.57 Cr
Lodha Aurum3 BHK Garden Residence1530 + 13111022 + 93623.2 Cr
3 BHK1530102212.6 Cr
Lodha EternisAndheri4 BHK Garden Residence2340146434.25 Cr
2 BHK Luxe118874112.1 Cr
2 BHK Petite99962311.7 Cr
Lodha AristoThane4 BHK Sky Villa5373335737.5 Cr
Lodha Luxuria3 BHK1845131622.4 Cr
1566111822 Cr
Lodha Athene1 BHK52239057 L
Lodha AquaDahisar Toll Naka4 BHK Garden Duplex2484 + 3801804 + 27612.73 Cr
3 BHK1665120911.75 Cr
1449103511.53 Cr
1395101211.47 Cr
Note :-
* Stamp Duty & Registration charges are extra  |  No Service tax & No MVAT
OC (Occupation Certificate) is received  |  Clear Title Property  |  Registered Society / Condominium
Home Loan can be availed from all financial institutions


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