Lodha Bellezza

Hyderabad, rapidly emerging as a burgeoning information technology hub in our country, now boasts the tallest building in the city, Lodha Bellezza. Standing prominently beside the renowned Eden Square, this new venture by the Lodha Group aims to redefine the housing landscape in Hyderabad.

Building on the remarkable success of the Lodha Group, which has consistently elevated living standards, Lodha Bellezza represents the epitome of super luxury residential living. The project is set to embark on its second phase, featuring two additional magnificent towers, each soaring to forty floors. With a strategic location adjacent to the grand Eden Square, Lodha Bellezza enjoys a unique advantage.

Distinguished as the first project of its kind in Hyderabad, exclusively accessible by invitation, Lodha Bellezza has been conceptualized to address the absence of elite luxury residences in the city. The director of the Lodha Group acknowledges the city’s transition to a faster-paced lifestyle and identifies the need for upscale living spaces. The enthusiastic response from the people of Hyderabad has transformed this vision into a reality, establishing Lodha Bellezza as a symbol of opulence now admired throughout the city.

Abhishek Lodha, the visionary director of the Lodha Group, has played a pivotal role in bringing this elite project to fruition. The sky villas within Lodha Bellezza are designed with a thematic affinity to the California style of living, providing a distinctive signature address for the affluent and working class in Hyderabad.

With a commitment to quality construction, Lodha Bellezza exemplifies meticulous attention to detail. Each floor features only one sky villa, ensuring ample space for residents both within and outside their homes. The residences boast cutting-edge technology, with appliances controlled through smartphones, creating a high-tech and automated living experience.

Lodha Bellezza has become an icon of luxury, offering not only spacious and well-located apartments but also utilizing modern technology to enhance the living experience. The external features, including a grand clubhouse, open green spaces, gardens, and swimming pools, complement the in-house amenities. The project’s external lifestyle standards and amenities cater to a diverse range of relaxation preferences, making it a haven for sports enthusiasts and those seeking leisure.

The presence of two enormous helipads atop the towers adds a touch of excitement, allowing residents to land directly on their homes, escaping the hassles of traffic. Wifi pavilions near the swimming pools ensure continuous internet connectivity, allowing residents to stay connected even while enjoying a swim amidst Californian landscapes that captivate with their beauty.

As Lodha Bellezza’s second phase nears completion, it is poised to become the residential project that the elite class of Char Minar has long awaited—a majestic masterpiece by the Lodha Group.


Hyderabad that is fast emerging as a new resurgent information technology hub of our country is now also home to the tallest building of the place. Standing tall and over powering just by the side of the grand and famous Eden Square is the Lodha Bellezza, again a new venture of the Lodha group to completely transform the definition of housing in Hyderabad.


With its remarkable and spectacular success of the Lodha group, in its aim to redefine the living standards Lodha group has portrayed the same through the construction of Lodha Bellezza. This super luxury residential society project is all set to start it's second phase of construction that is planned to comprise of two more magnificent towers each having forty floors in total. The Lodha group is aiming to provide luxury housing to a large number of families in Hyderabad. The Lodha Bellezza is definitely at an advantage of place due to the grand Eden Square right by its side. The Lodha Bellezza is the first project



of the by invitation only kind in the whole of Hyderabad city up till this time. The director of the Lodha group on establishing Lodha Bellezza says that inspite of the life in Hyderabad taking on to and adapting the faster way of life, the city was yet to house an elite class luxury living residences. Keeping in mind that the city did not house any world class lifestyle project, the development of Lodha Bellezza came up. This idea not only came up in the mind of the Lodha group but this bud was accepted very well by the people of Hyde who helped this tiny little bud thought of an elite project blossom into a huge bright flower that is now being appreciated in all of Hyderabad.

The observing power and thought process of Abhishek Lodha the director of the Lodha group is indeed appreciable. With Lodha Bellezza in Hyderabad, the affluent society and working class will have a new signature address that is very definite to draw a jealous eye from other residents of the city. The villas in Lodha Bellezza are built with a thematic affiliation to be in accordance to the California style of living. The sky villas are a sure shot for bringing about a drastic change in the real estate market of Hyderabad.


With well established features and convenience at ones door step, this residential project of the Lodha group is sure to invite a large number of stake holders well before the time the second phase of the project reaches its completion.

Lodha Bellezza has been built with utmost quality construction. The example to this is the care taken to ensure all facilities in each floor and also that there is only one sky villa on each floor. This ensures ample space for you and your family to relax within and even out side your house as well.

Lodha Bellezza has become an icon as well as a defining statement of luxury and opulence. All care has been taken to make these apartments high tech. Appliances installed in these apartments are operated through your smart phone itself. These residences not only have a winning edge in terms of space and location but also in terms of high end utilization of the modern day technology aspects. These homes are built with full automation. Enjoy the leisure of watching a movie or playing games with your budding kids on XBox or play station right in the comfort of your home itself on your big home screen private theater created just for you. fullscreen-capture-1042016-14139-pm-bmp

To compliment these in house features are external features that let the residents enjoy full fond freedom and access to a happen in and pish kind of life style. The external life style standard s and amenities of this place are also of great commendable appreciation. Your external leisure options include a very large variety of relaxing options such as a grand club house, open airy leans with soft, tender and green grass, gardens, swimming pools and so much more. Lodha Bellezza is a store house of possibilities that opens its doors to its residents to avail in full manner it's facilities at all times and places within the society. For those youth who feel they have an undying passion and love for sports and games, and for those who seek leisure as their free time companion, Lodha Bellezza offers them there hearts desire.  fullscreen-capture-1042016-14107-pm-bmp  At Lodha Bellezza one can unleash onto a plethora of amazing and fantastic relaxation ideas that suit every section and age group. The most awe striking feature of this place is the presence of two huge helipads on top of the sky rise towers. Even in imagination, how exciting does it sound to land directly on top of your house and follow the air route devoid of all traffic and time waste while the rest of the city is stuck and caught up in road traffic jams honking horns of their vehicles every now and then.

The wifi pavilions established right besides the swimming pools are the ensurers of all time internet connectivity, with a silent promise to keep you connected to the outside world even while you are amidst water enjoying a hearty swim. These along with the breath holding Californian landscapes are sights to behold. The beauty of these sights is so mystifying that one almost tends to get lost in the surroundings, driving away ones self from the tensions of the outside world. Every small and tiny detail of this project is taken care off in a manner such that it is in perfect harmony with the international standards.

The Lodha Bellezza is exactly the residential project that the elite class of the city of Char Minar was long waiting for. With its second phase nearing completion, the whole project is sure to turn out into a fruitful and majestic work of the Lodha group.

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