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Kalpataru Radiance Launching Brilliance – Goregaon (W) by Kalpataru

Kalpataru Radiance

Kalpataru Radiance Kalpataru Brilliance Goregaon Mumbai

Kalpataru Radiance

Kalpataru Radiance is a premium residential property in Mumbai with signature towers located in the heart of Goregaon West. With easy access to the Western Express Highway, commercial hubs, a bouquet of premium facilities and lavish landscapes – it is your gateway to live better now. Your home features a choice of 2, 3 & 4 bedroom residences with luxurious floor height of 10 feet 10 inches and home automation system with mood lighting in all rooms. Stay fit with a state-of-the-art gymnasium, spa, squash court, tennis/basketball court & large outdoor swimming pool with kids pool and open air Jacuzzi. Enjoy the great outdoors with themed landscapes, barbecue area, sculpture garden, meditation pavilion and rooftop garden with a banquet lounge.

Project Highlights

  • Contemporary multi-storeyed towers
  • Designed with emphasis on optimum natural lighting and ventilation
  • Spacious 2 & 3 BHK flats in Mumbai in tower C; 3 & 4 BHK apartment with servant room in tower A
  • Spacious apartments complemented with floor to floor height of 10 feet 10 inches
  • Sun deck with aluminium and glass railing in living room with full height window
  • Clubhouse with world class gymnasium
  • Landscaped podium of around 1.6 acres for recreational facilities
  • Large swimming pool with ozonised water, kids pool, splash pool and open air Jacuzzi with pool decks
  • 4 tier advanced and integrated security system
  • Wi-fi system in every apartment and in common areas
  • LEED certified project


Site Address: Kalpataru Radiance, Next to Prabhodhan Krida Bhavan, Off Post Office Road, Siddharth Nagar, Goregaon (West), Mumbai 400 104

Stay well connected to the city while maintaining distance from the chaos of it. Snuggled in Siddharth Nagar, Kalpataru Radiance is a premium residential property in Goregaon West  just minutes away from S. V. Road & Link Road. Easy access to the Western Express Highway via Goregaon-Mulund Link Road and the under-construction flyovers at Oshiwara & JVLR. Proposed Oshiwara railway station & proposed Metro Rail Phase II along the Link road which will boost the connectivity to the city. Inorbit mall, Mega mall & Infinity-II mall within a radius of 3 kms.

Ideally situated in the suburbs of Goregaon west, Mumbai, Kapataru Brilliance is a project launched by Kalpataru Const Overseas. It’s a leading real estate organization competing in the sector since 1960. The renowned builders have already delivered three master projects in the residential and commercial segments. Registering its presence in Mumbai and Pune, the builders have expanded their area of action to cities like Surat, Jaipur , Chennai and Hyderabad. They hold an expertise in developing exotic real estate projects and delivering the same on time. The project group is driven by the aim of making the living more comfortable. The same is reflected in all their projects.

Brilliance offers you an exotic life. It has something for everyone, from classy to choosy class of people. It provides you with best luxuries at your footstep. You can get the best facilities under one roof with Kalpataru Brilliance whether it is a tennis court, movie hall or perfectly landscaped garden. The elite location adds stars to the world of Brilliance. It is located in the perfect hustle bustle of the city with conveniently connected to other parts of the city.

Kalpataru Launching Brilliance - Goregaon (W)

The Mega Township is spread in an area of 4.20 acres offering excellently designed and spacious 3 BHK apartments to perfectly match your modern lifestyle where 70% of the total area will be dedicated for open space. The project is being developed keeping in mind the luxuries and comfort required for a lavish living. Hence, each aspect of the comfort is being worked upon in a splendid way. The sky touching buildings offers a panoramic view of the metropolitan city with 186 units in each tower. The organization’s premium signature tower is located in the mid of Goregaon West. The price for the perfect architecture starts from INR 2.07 crore to INR 2.27 crore. The sale able area will vary from 1509 -1562 sqft.

The various world class facilities include a massage room, shower, steam-spa, squash court, basketball court, jogging track, badminton court and a large outdoor swimming pool with separate pool for children. Your daily work-outs will take 360 degree turn with a world class gymnasium. The design of the flats is such that in a city like Mumbai, the flats receive ample sunlight and proper ventilation. Brilliance  promise you a whole lot of facilities like never seen before including a retail plaza within the project premises , a wide spread area of 1.6 acres exclusively left for recreational use. You can enjoy your outdoor visits with the best themed outdoors, marvelous barbecue area, well sculptured garden areas, a peaceful meditation area and a perfect partying banquet hall for all your occasions. Your sports love will touch the zenith with rubberized jogging track, numerous practice sessions on cricket pitch. Along with these hi-fi facilities , the basic facilities will include car parking area , intercom in every apartment , lifts , children playing area , 24/7 power back up for your use , continuous water supply and club house. These facilities are intended to make the living more comfortable.

There will be three floor plans starting with a 3 BHK super built up area of 1509 sq ft , 1530 sq ft and 1562 sq ft . The apartment will feature split AC in living / dining room. Flooring with best imported marbles of living , dining , passage and bedrooms .Powder coated aluminum sliding windows with MS grill from inside for your safety. Special features in the kitchen will include an inbuilt exhaust fan , granite flooring , utility space and much more. Apart from this your bathroom flooring will witness a combination of imported marbles and designer tiled dado in master bathroom, premium sanitary and CP fittings .European drainage system for all the master bathrooms. Along with your basic safety facilities will be kept in mind with features like fire sprinkler in each and every apartment, mechanical ventilation to the basement and CNG/LPG heat smoke detectors.

The bookings for this project have already started. You can contact us for further details about the project plans and pricing. CALL+919958959555

Launching Brilliance - Goregaon (W) by Kalpataru
Launching Brilliance – Goregaon (W) by Kalpataru-CALL+919958959555

Dreams come true with Kalpataru.

In the city of dreams- Mumbai, We are coming up with Luxurious apartments at the prime location of Goregaon West. We shall also like you to know that booking has already -start from February 27 ,2016.The New apartment which you seem to be the home for your safe and secured future in which is include your Prosperity and SAFTY and your children SAFTY too….

Launching Brilliance Goregaon (W) by Kalpataru Ammenities Launching Brilliance - Goregaon (W) by Kalpataru ammenities

Facilities close to NATURE….Beautiful gardens, beautiful fountains,Gym, Jacuzzi, gold bath, Kid pool, swimming pool,Cricket multi sports courts,Beautiful gardens, beautiful fountains spa concept with Garden



Launching Brilliance - Goregaon (W) by Kalpataru FLoor plan 1 Launching Brilliance - Goregaon (W) by Kalpataru FLoor plan 2 Launching Brilliance - Goregaon (W) by Kalpataru FLoor plan 3 Launching Brilliance - Goregaon (W) by Kalpataru FLoor plan 4 Launching Brilliance - Goregaon (W) by Kalpataru FLoor plan 5 Launching Brilliance - Goregaon (W) by Kalpataru FLoor plan 6 Launching Brilliance - Goregaon (W) by Kalpataru FLoor plan 9

Launching Brilliance – Goregaon (W) by Kalpataru

                              सपनों का आशियाना कल्पतरु.

वो बुलाता है, छुपा लेता है मुझको….. मेरे हिस्से का सकून दे जाता है मुझको

शायद किसी ने अपने घर के बारे में ऐसा कहा है जो आप महसूस कर सकेगे, कल्पतरु ब्रिलिय्न्स के लिए

मुंबई सपनों की नगरी में गोरेगांव वेस्ट में सिर्फ 2करोड़ 19लाख में…बुकिग़ कि शरुआत 27फरवरी से हो चूकी है ।

घर जिसमे आराम हो सुरक्षा हो ऐसा apartment जिसमे आप कार से लेकर बच्चों के लिए जगह और सुविधा का पूरा ख्याल हो ।

प्रक्रति के करीब आप के लिए जुटाई सुविधाये….

सुंदर गार्डन, खुबसूरत फ़व्वारे,जिम, जकूज़ी, सोना बाथ , किड पूल,स्वीमिग पूल,

क्रिकेट मल्टी स्पोर्ट्स कोर्ट्स,सुंदर गार्डन, खुबसूरत फ़व्वारे स्पा गार्डन कांसेप्ट के साथ

Launching Brilliance - Goregaon (W) by Kalpataru LOCATION MAP

आराम —-ऐसा कहाँ….?

तीन बेड रूम और डाइनिंग , लिविंग रूम के साथ

संगमरमर  का बना फर्श

गर्मी में कमरे में स्प्लिट   A.C लगवाने का पूरा इंतजाम……………….।

मास्टर बेडरूम में मल्टीपेनल जो कमरे को और भी आलिशान बना देते है ,

मुड़ के हिसाब से लाइट भी बदले जैसे आप के साथ ख़ुश हो और रूमानी भी,

ये चमत्कार नहीं ऑटोमेशन सिस्टम का कमल है, जो मिलेगे आप के हर रूम में

घर में जाते हुए synchonised लाइट system हर बार समय समय पर आप के मुताबिक जले…..

सुरक्षा के ख्याल के लिए वीडियो डोर फ़ोन ताकि आप घर के अंदर रहे सुरक्षित बिना दरवाज़ा खोले ,जान ले कि कौन आया ।

किचन में बसता है नारी का पूरा संसार….

गार्नेट फ्लोर जिस पर आसानी से सफाई की जा सके गार्नेट के प्लेटफार्म पर खाना बनाना हो आसान

स्टील का किचन सिंक एग्जॉस्ट फैन के साथ किचन में काम करना हो आसान साथ में आपका अपना स्पेस भी, खूबसुरत रसोई जिसे देखके आप ही नहीं हर कोई ख़ुश हो जाए ।

Launching Brilliance - Goregaon (W) by Kalpataru Site plan

बाथरुम…… सुविधा नहीं अहसास आराम का

घर के सारे बाथरूम जिन्हें आप वाशरूम कह सके या ” प्रसाधन कक्ष”जैसे आप के लिए बने हो,

मार्बल फ्लोरिंग, और यूरोपियन टाइलस आपके हर बाथरूम में,ग्लास पार्टीशन , रेन शोव्वर भी हर बाथरूम में उपलब्ध,सानेटरी में cp पाइप्स की फिटिंग.गर्म और ठंडे पानी की सुविधा और उन्हें मिलाने के लिए मिक्सर,यूरोपियन बाथरूम फिटिंग के साथ हर  वाटर हीटर हर बाथरूम में उपलब्ध,

Brilliance Goregaon (W) by Kalpataru

सुरक्षा —- रहे आप का परिवार सुरक्षित हमेशा

आग पर नियंत्रण के लिए वाटर स्प्रिंकलर हर अपार्टमेंट में रसोई में PNG ..LNG स्मोक डिटेक्टर भी

BMS के साथ CCTV सुरक्षा, रेम्प के साथ पार्किंग में लाइट की सुरक्षा,अन्य आकर्षण पानी की कमी ना हो इसलिए रेन वाटर हार्वेस्टिंग सिस्टम सोलर लाइट LED गार्डन की व्यवस्था WIFI की सुविधाओं से लेस सपनों का महल जो आपका घर हो सकता है…..कल्पतरु ब्रिलिएंस के साथ