IndiaBulls The Sky Forest Mumbai

IndiaBulls The Sky Forest Mumbai


Residences of majesty @ Indiabulls-Sky Forest, Senapati Bapat Marg, Saidham Nagar, Parel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400012

Finding a modest place of living in the city of Mumbai and that too within the hustle and bustle of the main stream work is a usually tough task to accomplish. So for all those looking for residential places in this busy city, IndiaBulls has made it easier for you. The Sky Forest is a project initiation of the IndiaBulls to bring to you, homes with world class standards and decors that may have been only good in imagination up till the present day. The building of the Sky Forest is the tallest tower offering residential space in Mumbai. Standing in all majesty and grandeur all above the Arabian Sea and Mumbai city, the Sky Forest has its own little story to tell.


There has never been before such artistic display of skill passion and hard work. All coming together to craft into shape a masterpiece that is one of its kinds and shall probably never be built again. Sky Forest is as good a structure that holds the importance of a monument that too lying in the centre of Mumbai and posing to be its heart beat. The structure of IndiaBulls Sky Forest is not the sole credit holder for its status. It also upholds its majesty by representing India on a global benchmark with high standards of creation. Any city that one travels to has its own landmarks. For the city of Mumbai, Sky Forest is proud to be the most popular landmark.

Sky Forest has been built with a vision of delivering world class facilities to the residents and upholding the standards of living. Waking up to the sounds of the waves gushing towards the shore to have a touch of the glistering sand, the eagerness of the sun to brighten the day and make its warmth felt and the cool breeze brushing hair aside from your face are some of the features a Mumbai residence is deprived of. In fact wanting a residence with all such beautiful things in a busy city like Mumbai is a dream and getting this one place which seems to be just exactly the true copy of your dream house is a boon of the highest order.


The IndiaBulls Sky Forest has all the basic facilities needed for a peaceful living. The want of returning from a tiring day of work and filling up some fresh air into your lungs and breathing out the tensions and worries is accomplished here at this place. Great care has been taken to craft this masterpiece with the presence of unwavering scenic beauty views of the landscapes and the Arabian Sea from each apartment surpassing all the standards of creation. All the apartments display uninterrupted views of the sea all through the day and night. On one hand is the vast blue sea with its limitless ends and on the other side are the lush green lawns and landscapes offering beyond them the sight of the Mahalaxmi Race course. The Sky Forest has redefined the standards of what previous real estate was considered to be. Setting an example of splendid artistry, comfort and luxury all in one, Sky Forest has made its presence felt in the real estate world all throughout. The Sky Forest has two sky rise towers consisting of 51 storey’s each. Living at such great heights also has its own benefits. The views of the sunrise and sunset leave an unforgettable imprint in your mind. The pollution of the city is nowhere within your reach. Your house even with its cooling turned off for long hours is cooler than the ones on the ground. One day stay at the Sky Forest shall leave you craving for more.

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