50,000 Square Meter Factory for Sale in RICCO Alwar

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Alwar, a thriving industrial city in Rajasthan, India, offers a remarkable investment opportunity in the form of a 50,000 square meter factory located in the prestigious RICCO (Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation) Industrial Area. With an asking price of INR 42.50 crores, this factory presents an ideal chance for businesses looking to expand or establish their presence in a strategically located industrial hub.


Prime Location and Accessibility:


The factory is situated in the well-established RICCO Industrial Area of Alwar, which has earned a reputation as a business-friendly zone. This location provides excellent connectivity to major transportation networks, including road, rail, and air, facilitating seamless distribution of goods and easy access to national and international markets. The proximity to Delhi and Jaipur, two major commercial centers, further enhances its accessibility and market reach.


Expansive Space and Modern Infrastructure:


Spanning an impressive 50,000 square meters, this factory offers ample space for various industrial operations. The property features well-designed, high-quality infrastructure that caters to the diverse needs of manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, and logistics operations. The factory premises boast modern amenities, including spacious production floors, well-equipped offices, ample parking spaces, and efficient utility services, ensuring a conducive work environment for employees.


Industrial Advantages:


Investing in a factory in Alwar brings numerous advantages to businesses. The city has a rich industrial ecosystem, with a strong presence in sectors such as automobile manufacturing, engineering, textiles, and chemicals. It is home to several multinational corporations, local enterprises, and industrial clusters, fostering collaboration and growth opportunities. The availability of skilled labor, favorable government policies, and a supportive business environment contribute to the city’s industrial prowess.


Investment Potential:


The 50,000 square meter factory in RICCO Alwar presents a compelling investment opportunity. The asking price of INR 42.50 crores reflects the property’s value in terms of its size, location, and infrastructure. Alwar’s economic growth, infrastructure development, and increasing investment in the industrial sector indicate the potential for future appreciation and return on investment.


Steps to Acquire the Property:


Initial Inquiry: Interested parties can initiate contact with the property owner or their representative to express their interest in the factory and gather further details.


Due Diligence: Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the property, including inspections, legal verification, and assessment of the factory’s suitability for the intended business operations.


Financial Considerations: Evaluate your budget, financing options, and projected return on investment. Seek guidance from financial advisors and institutions to assess the feasibility of the purchase.


Negotiation and Offer: Engage in negotiations with the property owner or their representative, and submit a competitive offer based on market analysis, property condition, and investment potential.


Legal Documentation and Closing: Once an agreement is reached, engage legal professionals to draft the necessary documents, finalize the sale, and ensure a smooth transfer of ownership.




The availability of a 50,000 square meter factory for sale in RICCO Alwar at an asking price of INR 42.50 crores presents a unique opportunity for businesses seeking a well-connected, strategically located industrial space in a burgeoning city. With its prime location, modern infrastructure, and supportive business environment, Alwar offers an ideal investment destination. Act now to secure your foothold in this thriving industrial hub and unlock the immense potential for growth and success.


Disclaimer: The information provided in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial or investment advice. Prospective buyers are advised to conduct their own due diligence and consult with professionals before making any investment